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Playing With Dogs

Life lately has been pretty complicated.

My health has been having some ups and downs and even some sideways. The holidays came, conquered, and left. Once again we find ourselves in January where money is a little more than tight, the weather is a little colder than chilly, and we’re all pretty burnt out.

I find myself stepping back to evaluate where my heart is. What projects have a I committed to, and which do I really WANT to do? How do I balance what I want to do with what I NEED to do? How do I take care of myself and others?

Yesterday, after a particularly emotional doctor’s appointment, I came home and cried. I curled up with my doggy and tried to shut out the world. Except the world didn’t want to stay shut out. There were emails to answer and phone calls coming in and…

I’m overwhelmed.

So this morning, I didn’t check my email, I didn’t answer my phone. I loaded up my doggy into my friend’s truck, and we took our dogs to the dogpark. We stood bundled up, chatting with other dog owners as our dogs all sniffed each other. I walked around with our little Toddy while he sniffed each and every fence post. I threw the squeaky ball for the dogs who would chase it. And I watched my shy little guy chase dogs three times his size.

I got a little muddy, more than a little chilled, and am definitely tired. But the dog slobber made me smile, and as I watch my Toddy nap on the couch, I realize my mind is clear for the first time in weeks.

And suddenly, things aren’t so complicated.

When Life Comes Together

We have a new family member!

If you follow along on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably seen this guy:


His name is Todd (or Buddy, which he happens to like just as well) and he is my new therapy dog. Todd started his life as a therapy dog but was abused by his first handler. He was rescued and adopted about five years ago. Recently, his owner found she wasn’t able to care for him anymore.

I’ve been begging my fiance for a doggy for ages. Since I spend most of my days home alone, I’ve been craving a pet to keep me company. Neither of us are big cat people, so I’ve spent the last many months looking for a doggy. We’ve always wanted to adopt instead of buy from a breeder because we know there are many pets out there that need a happy home. Our problem has always been finances.

We’ve been firm believers that it’s not fair to bring a pet home unless we’re absolutely sure we can provide for them. When we thought we had found a little bit of room in the budget to provide for dog food and incidentals, I started to look at various rescue agencies in our area. And I was heartbroken. Most, if not all, agencies wanted huge adoption fees. The local humane society wanted nearly $200 to cover the adoption. While we might have been able to eke out enough room in the budget for food, there was no way we could come up with that kind of money for an adoption.

You ever have moments where life just lets things come together?

Todd’s owner and I have the same doctor. The doctor mentioned to me that she knew of someone that needed a new home for their dog but didn’t want any fees, and I asked her to pass along my email. My doctor also offered to write a letter to our property manager to certify Todd as a therapy dog, thereby negating the required pet deposit. Todd’s owner emailed me later that week, and we had a few visits to see if Todd liked us. Honestly, for us it was love at first sight.

So Todd came to live with us this weekend. He has made himself at home, even sleeping at the foot of our bed last night. He has a chair in the living room where he can look out the window and watch the cars pass by, but he seems to prefer to nap on the couch where he can be in reach, he likes it if we pet him while he naps.

We’re so very blessed to have Todd in our lives. He’s already brought us such joy and calm, it’s obvious that this was the right thing for all of us. We’re extremely grateful that everything came together so that we could give Todd a new home and that he could bring us so much love.