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How Was YOUR Weekend?

I had a wisdom tooth pulled on Friday morning.

Fortunately it was just the one tooth, and it wasn’t impacted. All in all, a fairly straight forward procedure. I even felt pretty good when I left my appointment. I felt okay right up until I decided to take a little nap.

I woke up feeling like someone had punched me in the face. What followed was about 24 hours on a steady dose of pain medication. I made the mistake of letting it wear off once. It was horrible. Note to self: Follow the post-op instructions next time.

The steady dose of pain medication meant I was tons of fun to be around. When I wasn’t snoring loudly from a pile of blankets on my couch, I was arguing with the TV. Which is something of a habit for me. Usually my arguments are the result of cold medication, but none the less, they’re fun.

I’m fortunate in that my fiance didn’t strangle me over the weekend. Between my snoring, yelling obscenities at his favorite shows, and whining in pain, I wouldn’t have blamed him had he not-so-gently placed a pillow over my face.

I’m back on my feet today, and so far no pain medicine has been needed. I can kind of chew again, so I’m much happier. There’s some lingering puffiness in the right side of my face, though, so don’t expect any selfies just yet.

How was your weekend? Please tell me someone had fun!