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Finding Paradise

Paradise sounds awful good right about now.

I can close my eyes and picture warm, sandy beaches. I can smell the salt water, and see the sun shining bright. I can feel the light, cool breeze blow against my skin, just the right amount to keep from getting overheated. If I dream a little harder, I’m there lying on a blanket with a good book to read, and something icy to drink. I can see my doggy chasing the waves lapping at the shore, and my love is next to me strumming a sweet song on his guitar.


Yeah, paradise sounds great right now.

Things have finally calmed down in my home, but life still has its struggles. There are still bills to be paid, chores to be done, and health problems to be managed. There’s still worry and anxiety, and plenty of other things I’d love for those waves to wash away.

Since that sunny, warm beach is as far away as my other dreams, I’ll have to make my own paradise right here.

So today will be spent making my home resemble a home again by getting caught up on those chores. Then I will do what makes my heart sing, and devote some time to crafts while listening to music and singing along.

And maybe, just maybe, there will be a fruity drink with a little umbrella for me to sip on.



The Road To Sunshine Is Paved With Good Intentions

I woke up with such grand ideas today.

I spent much of last week flaring, so things have piled up around the house. I knew today was supposed to be nice and sunny, so as I thought about my day, I had some grand ideas.

First, I would crack open the living room window and let the cool morning breeze air out the house. I would fold the laundry my fiance washed over the weekend and iron his work shirts. I would clean my kitchen and do some baking. I would pick up our bedroom and make our bed. I would clean the bathroom and sweep the floors. I would get caught up on emails, my writing, and projects for Spoons 4 Spoonies. I would see to the stack of papers waiting to be shredded and I would take the garbage out.


Well, I did get the laundry folded and I’m about halfway caught up on emails. The window is open and the fresh air is wonderful. It’s only 1pm here, I know I have time to knock off more items on that list.

But that sun is shining outside my window and it’s awfully tempting to take our doggy outside to sit in the grass and enjoy the weather. What would you do?