The Bucket List

Most people I know have some sort of bucket list. A while back Shelly from DIY Mama and I did an AAF swap, and we talked about bucket lists. She inspired me to host my list here, so y’all can see my dreams, and maybe, just maybe, help me achieve them.

Own horses
Be financially secure
Own my own house
Buy a car that I love
See the Mona Lisa
Start a book club
Go on a treasure hunt

Read the entire works of Stephen King
See all of the castles of Europe
Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower
Climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty
See the Grand Canyon
Research my family tree
Conquer my fears

Sing on a stage
Write a novel
Have a novel published
Win the lottery

Have my palm read
See a meteor shower
See my son find love
Have grandchildren
Host an elegant dinner party
Find a four leaf clover
Marry the man of my dreams
See my siblings achieve their dreams

Learn to play the piano
Swim in the Atlantic Ocean
Swim with dolphins
Go whale watching

Learn to dance
Paint a picture

Design a piece of jewelry

Get more tattoos
Learn a sport

Learn to whistle

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