Playing With Dogs

Life lately has been pretty complicated.

My health has been having some ups and downs and even some sideways. The holidays came, conquered, and left. Once again we find ourselves in January where money is a little more than tight, the weather is a little colder than chilly, and we’re all pretty burnt out.

I find myself stepping back to evaluate where my heart is. What projects have a I committed to, and which do I really WANT to do? How do I balance what I want to do with what I NEED to do? How do I take care of myself and others?

Yesterday, after a particularly emotional doctor’s appointment, I came home and cried. I curled up with my doggy and tried to shut out the world. Except the world didn’t want to stay shut out. There were emails to answer and phone calls coming in and…

I’m overwhelmed.

So this morning, I didn’t check my email, I didn’t answer my phone. I loaded up my doggy into my friend’s truck, and we took our dogs to the dogpark. We stood bundled up, chatting with other dog owners as our dogs all sniffed each other. I walked around with our little Toddy while he sniffed each and every fence post. I threw the squeaky ball for the dogs who would chase it. And I watched my shy little guy chase dogs three times his size.

I got a little muddy, more than a little chilled, and am definitely tired. But the dog slobber made me smile, and as I watch my Toddy nap on the couch, I realize my mind is clear for the first time in weeks.

And suddenly, things aren’t so complicated.

16 thoughts on “Playing With Dogs

  1. Oh I am sorry to hear your health is not doing well and you are overwhelmed. Rheumatologist appointments are always scary and emotional for me too. I am so glad the doggies provided you much needed smiles, fresh air and emotional healing. Wishing you better and brighter days ahead!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your health troubles. Been there myself with my own chronic illnesses and pain.

    Dogs make everything better. My dachshund got me through the last couple of years of an abusive marriage, the fallout when I left him, and every moment since then. He is my best friend. I joke that he is “Dr. Vern” because if he even thinks that I’m sad, he’s right there staring at me like, “Do you need assistance? Perhaps you need a dog? I can offer licks, warmth, and cuteness.”

  3. Life indeed is complicated. So sorry you’re experiencing health problems, Tia. It complicates things even further. I think you had a great idea today though to just put everything on hold and go to the park with your doggy. We all need a time out and escape now and then to help deal and cope with life. Hope it helped you and that things will much improve as 2015 moves forward.

  4. It’s simple sometimes, isn’t it? Dogs are happy. Watching them can make us happy.
    I remember when the weather was warmer and both kids were in school. I suddenly had more time than I expected. I know I work but breaks are key.
    So I loaded up Athena and went to the dog park, which is pretty much Disney World for dogs. It just is. The happiness is infectious.

  5. I love what you did with this! Gotta love our furry friends, don’t we?! Our dog definitely has her own personality and is part of the family. I find her company to be very comforting and my daughters certainly consider her a best friend. Thanks so much for linking up!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I never knew how much I could love my doggy until he came to live with us. Now he’s our family and I would be lost without him. Thank you for the blog challenge, it’s been a great help!

  6. I didn’t want a furry friend in my life, I had to say goodbye to my best friend as a child and i didn’t want to do that to my kids or me again. The hubs talked me into to it, with that saying better to have loved and lost than to never have loved. Fine we have the dog…. Guess what, on days when I am so stressed and can’t sleep she wants up on the bed, she crawls over to me and snuggles, and I sleep. I have no idea how she does that.

    I am so glad that you took the time, and grabbed the doggy and did what any sane person would do and went to the dog park.

    Why the heck not!!! Good for you. So happy you and the so to be Hubs got the pooch.

    1. My little doggy has certainly brightened my life considerably. He always knows when I need extra snuggles, and he’s even alerted me to weak moments and saved me from a few possible accidents/falls. We did another doggy play day this week, and my friend and I have decided to make them a regular date, weather permitting. The dogs have so much fun, and it clears my mind to just be out in the fresh air watching all their excitement.

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