Tuesday Ten: These Things I Wish

So if you were around on Facebook yesterday, I promised you a 2014 Lookback Truthful Tuesday for today’s post. Then I logged in this morning and saw this prompt from the #TuesdayTen link up over at Rabia’s site, and I knew I had to hop on board.


Don’t worry though, that other post will be coming up before the end of the year!

I’m gonna take a note from Rabia and also break my list into five realistic wishes, and five fantasy wishes. Because, hey, it seems like a great thing to do.

My Five Christmas Wishes

1. New slippers. The ones I have I got from my parents last Christmas, and they are WORN DOWN. I pretty much live in them around my house because my feet rarely stay warm, even in the hottest part of summer. Yay for poor circulation! Anyhow, nice fluffy slippers, preferably with the memory foam soles. And a fun, bright color or my favorite sports team.

2. Portland Winterhawk tickets. This is kinda more for Scotty than me, but I would love to be able to surprise him and take him to see our hometown hockey team. He’s fostered a bigger love for sports within me, and it’s always a fun date night with him.

3. New clothes. I’ve lost some weight over the last year, and most of my pants don’t fit well. I’d like a couple pairs of jeans and a few new sweaters or nice shirts to wear out. We don’t go out often (money, yo) but when we do, I want to look nice for my fiance. And of course, I want to dress up on the nights he plays. The future wife of the awesome guitarist shouldn’t look all frumpy, right?

4. New dishes. This one is a little off the wall. I don’t need an actual dish set, per se. But there are a few kitchen tools and silverware that are made arthritis-friendly that would be a great help to me. I’d also love a couple refillable water bottles that are spill-proof and sturdy while still being easy for me to open and shut. I have a tendency to drop or spill things when my hands are bad.

5. A bundt pan. I’ve always wanted one. And now Pinterest has so many awesome recipes that call for one. And I’m over here like… Yeah. So that would be cool. And I promise to cook something lovely for whoever gifted me this. That makes it a win-win really.

My Five Fantasy Wishes

1. A maid. I know there’s probably a lot of women out there who wish for this. Even though the Remicade is working well for me, and I do have a bit more energy, there are still chores that are just physically difficult to impossible for me to do. Scotty tries his best to help out, be he’s been swamped at work. And really? After he’s worked all day, I don’t want to ask him to scrub the bathtub or vacuum the floors. Even if we just had someone who came twice a month for a few hours, it would be such a great help.

2. A world where we all practiced more kindness and compassion. I know I always say “Be the change you want to see.” And I firmly believe that. But I’d like to jumpstart that change, and just sprinkle fairy dust on us all. I want to spread compassion instead of hate or judgement, kindness instead of indifference, love instead of hurt. I want to see people smile to one another on the street, I want to be able to watch the news just once without crying. I want to live in a better world.

3. Our dream house. One with a bedroom for my son, and a spare room for guests. One with a music studio for Scotty and a craft room for me. One with a yard where our doggy can roam and run to his heart’s content. One with a library filled with the books that so warm my soul. One with a chef’s kitchen and a dining room where I can host dinners. One with a glorious master bathroom designed to meet all my needs, including a jet tub to ease my achy body. A place to make our forever home and grow old together.

4. A new car. Ours has been trucking along for a few years now. We keep putting just enough into it to keep it from breaking down, but there’s always that worry. My medical bills hit us hard, and we just can’t afford a new car right now. But to get one and not have to worry would be such a blessing.

5. A way to help my loved ones. I’ve often dreamed about winning the lottery and being able to help those closest to me. I want to help Teala pay off her schooling, and help Tracie’s family find their forever home. I want to send Dawnie on her next adventure, and maybe go along with her. I want to visit my gal Fallah and get to spoil her and her little bundle of joy, take her on a spa day and maybe a little vacation. I want to open an animal rescue for my friend Natalie, where she can save all the animals and spread her love to them. I want to find a forever home for Shevaun where her girls and she can have their own vegetable garden and a yard to play in, a place she and her husband can make new memories with their awesome kiddos. I want to reward our Cathy and pay off her salon and home so she can continue doing what she loves but not push herself too far just to pay the bills. The list is long but they are all deserving, there are many who’ve helped us throughout the years who I would love to repay in the biggest way.

I thought about asking for a life free from pain. Certainly there are days where I wish this. But ultimately, this pain has shown me how incredibly strong I can be, and has lead me to follow dreams I always thought were impossible. I am a better me because of this life I now lead, and while I might wish for the ease of no pain, I wouldn’t want to lose this stronger, more confident me, or the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

What’s on your Christmas list this year? What are your fantasy wishes?


8 thoughts on “Tuesday Ten: These Things I Wish

  1. Great list and glad you linked up today! I need some new clothes, too, but unfortunately for the other reason. I’ve gained weight and nothing from last year fits anymore. 😦

  2. Love the wishes and hope at least some of these come true this next year. Slippers are vital for my feet. I need the hard soled ones cause I wear them all the time but I do love memory foam anything (have you seen the memory foam bathmats)?

  3. I hope you get everything you wish for – even the big ones! That house sounds perfect.
    I want to help everyone too. I get so frustrated when I can’t. Over the last few months, I’ve finally made some extra cash and it won’t stay in my possession for long. I just keep buying stuff for people! Stuff they need!

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