Good Morning December, You’re Looking Chilly



November has slipped on by and we’ve flipped another page on the calendar. While I had hopes to finish November in a blaze of glory and blog posts for #NaBloPoMo, I instead took the holiday weekend to relax and enjoy some downtime with my fiance. I’m still calling that a win, BTW.

And now December is here, with even colder temperatures. (It was 32 degrees F and misting this morning when I walked my dog. BRRRRRRR!!) We’ve added the electric blanket to the bed, brought out the extra blankies, and stocked up on hot tea and lots of soup. We’re making tentative plans for Christmas while we decorate our little home. We’re ready, winter. I hope.

This month, I hope to bring you tips and tales for surviving the holidays, yummy comfort food recipes, and I’ll fill you in on my ongoing RA treatments- triumphs and no. I also hope to have a few friends share here, so keep checking back to see what’s new.

How was your holiday? Do you have any big plans for December? What kinds of things make you feel warm and cozy when it’s freezing outside?


One thought on “Good Morning December, You’re Looking Chilly

  1. I’m looking forward to reading all you have to say this month. I’m taking today to try to catch up some, and maybe write! I haven’t posted since Monday. It’s going to be a much slower month, for sure.

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