Small Victories Sunday: What A Week

The lovely Miss Tanya from Mom’s Small Victories has been completing #NaBloPoMo along side myself and others this month. She’s been a great inspiration in our little Facebook writing group, and though I was aware of her site before, it’s been wonderful getting to know her a bit better, and connecting with a fellow RA fighter.

On Sundays, Tanya hosts a link up to share our victories and inspiring posts to help others live the very best lives. All month I’ve been wanting to link up, but one thing or another prevented me. Mostly, my silly head telling me I didn’t have any victories. Pfft.

Small Victories LinkUp

This week was a whirlwind in my house, and though there was much stress and pain, I ended it on a wonderful high note. And so that is my victory.

Last night I dressed up, did my makeup and hair, and went out to watch my fiance play. Sure, I’m still battling these awful headaches with the TMJ, and yeah, at home with my heating pad was probably where I should have been. But I adore watching him play, and I knew my soul needed to see something other than my own four walls.

And you know what? I got the best compliment last night.

“You look like the old Tia again.”

I know that might seem silly, or possibly even insulting, to some of you. But it meant a lot to me. I don’t *want* to look sick. I don’t want to look like the pain that is ravaging my body. Sure, it might make some social situations different if people could see what I go through, but I don’t want their pity. And that’s what it would be, if people could see.

Last night was wonderful for so many reasons. Yes, I’m paying for it today. But for a brief moment in time, I was the old me again, and it felt good. It felt really good. And now I know, it is possible to meld these two people together, to have the old me and this new me inhabit the same body, and to become the very best me. Someone who can celebrate life, even at a dark moment.

Someone I adore dearly is also out there being awesome despite chronic illness. If you missed it yesterday, be sure to check out my interview with Dawnie. She shares how she’s living a life full of victories, no matter what.

What is YOUR victory this week? Link up with us, or share it in the comments. Let’s celebrate together, I’ll bring the dessert!


8 thoughts on “Small Victories Sunday: What A Week

  1. It sounds like you had a great night! I think it’s so important to do something like that for yourself every once in a while. And good for you for linking up to this. I have to say that I haven’t yet because I can’t think of any victories myself. But perhaps I need to think more on that and try to share next week.

    1. Julie, any of your posts are welcome to the linkup. I love encouraging my readers to pick up good books so any recommendations or book discussion posts are welcome in the linkup too! It’s open all week if you want to link up 🙂

  2. Oh I am so happy reading every bit of thid Tia. Thanks for your kind words. I actually teared up reading about your compliment. I am so glad you got yourself dolled up and supported your fiance. I know it meant a lot to him and you got to feel like your old self again. My best days with my family trying to keep up with them are usually the most painful by the end of the night. But they are the most worth it. Thanks for linking up! I LOVE that you wrote a special post but on weeks you can’t your recipes or posts about positively coping with your disease are most welcome in the linkup!

    1. Thank you Tanya! Outside of NaBloPoMo, I don’t usually post on Sundays as that’s family time, but I’ll keep it in mind to link up my posts with you. I love the community feeling of lifting one another up, and supporting each other. Thank you for being so inspiring and supportive!

      1. Well the linkup is open all week so feel free to add your post anytime. 🙂 so glad you joined us and hope you will link up again this week.

  3. I love this. I know that there have been some not-so-good moments here and there but I love that there is a beautiful moment and a memory for you to hold onto where you felt well and looked amazing and had to share. xo

    1. Thanks Andrea ❤ It was wonderful to feel like the old me, even if it was just for a night. I rocked skinny flare jeans, booties, and a teal shirt that does wonders for my figure (I seriously need to find a million more like it. It actually gives me an hourglass figure instead of just "round") I played with my makeup and wore more jewelry than just my engagement ring. It felt so great to be girly for a bit 🙂

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