Dance Party Friday- I Wanna Get Outside

Scotty and I have been watching the Foo Fighters’ mini series Sonic Highways on HBO. We’re both huge Dave Grohl fans, and we’ve really enjoyed getting to watch how each song comes together. If you haven’t gotten to see the show yet, I highly suggest you check it out.

This song is from last week’s episode and features Joe Walsh of The Eagles on the sweet guitar solo. I’m loving this song, and the feeling of wanting to get away from it all.

Happy Friday, y’all!

**I do not know the Foo Fighters, nor did they or anyone associated with them or HBO ask me to write nice things about them or the show. I’m simply a huge fan of great music, and love to share that with my readers and friends. There was no compensation for this post, though if Dave Grohl wanted to personally thank me for loving him, I would not say no. Just saying.


4 thoughts on “Dance Party Friday- I Wanna Get Outside

    1. We only have HBO because of some freebie the cable company was offering, honestly. But I’m very glad we do, as I love this series. I truly hope it comes out on DVD, we’ll be in line for a copy!

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