Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

I missed posting yesterday.

Normally I’d be beating myself up over “failing” #NaBloPoMo, but I’m trying to cut myself some slack. Yesterday was a rare weekday off for my fiance. We were hoping to go to the coast, but circumstances kept us closer to home. So we wandered around a few thrift stores and took our doggy to run around the dog park.

Seeing our shy little guy continue to open up more and more was worth so much to my soul. It’s a wonderful feeling to know he’s feeling safer with us each day. It’s such a blessing to be able to give him this life of love, in light of the struggles in his past.

So here are some photos of my little doggy to make you smile.




8 thoughts on “Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

    1. He’s the best doggy ever! And it was a nice day, even if it was blistering cold with the wind. Brrrr. I’m hoping we can have more days like this, if we can remember to set aside the time. It’s nice to not stress about obligations for a few hours, and to just BE.

  1. Hello, loved your post and love your blog. I’ve nominated you for A Lovely Blog Award. The details are on the latest post on my blog. Just wanted you to know that I think your blog is worthy of an award.

  2. Aw, cutting yourself some slack is key. I almost didn’t get my post out today even though all I had to write was where my guest post was appearing. Day did not go as planned, who would have thought stress from a meeting with a kitchen designer would send me into a flare. Ouch.

    Love the doggie pics and glad you snuck some time off with him and your fiance.

    1. OUCH! I’m sorry you had a flare and all that stress. It’s crazy sometimes what will trigger a reaction. I hope the flare passes quickly and you’re able to figure out the kitchen without too much more stress.

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