Gratitude Born From Pain


I woke up this morning with the worst headache I’ve had in at least a decade. Fortunately, I have a great fiance, great medical staff, and great spoonie friends who all came together to make sure I could get over the worst of it and still function today.

So here’s some gratitude born out of the pain of this morning.

*I’m grateful for a man who will set aside his own pain to do anything in his power to ease mine.

*I’m grateful for Christina, my nurse, who answers my calls and all of my panicked questions with calm and compassion.

*I’m grateful for my friend Lana, who also has RA, who never gets mad when I text her with random RA questions and whining.

*I’m grateful for a doggy who senses his mama isn’t feeling well, and spends his morning curled up next to me, as quiet and as comforting as can be.

*I’m grateful for plans that are flexible, and friends who understand.

*I’m grateful for a night out with our favorite couple (who are visiting from Canada). For sharing pizza, and hugs, and selfies. For laughs and smiles, and conversations where it feels like they haven’t been gone these last few months.

*I’m grateful for early Christmas that came with fuzzy pajama pants and a slew of presents to go under our tree when it goes up in a few weeks.

*I’m grateful for the medicines that worked this morning so that I could finally open my eyes without wanting to scream. So I could look at a computer screen without wanting to puke.

*I’m grateful for Andrea and the writing group she started on Facebook. It’s kept me motivated while we all participate in #NaBloPoMo. For all the writing prompts and comments. For the shares and support. For the encouragement and belief that together, we can all achieve this goal.

*I’m grateful for a partner who hasn’t given up on me. Who continues to lift me up, no matter all the different setbacks. Who has embraced this new me instead of walking away from such an unpredictable life.


What are YOU grateful for this chilly Monday morning?

8 thoughts on “Gratitude Born From Pain

  1. I’m grateful for you. And for all the people in your world who ease your day, show you love, and lighten your load.

    I’m also grateful for that writing group Andrea started…it has been a great motivator for me, and made this year’s NaBloPoMo much easier than last year’s was. Whew.

    And I’m grateful to get to read words from you everyday. It is fun!

    1. I’m grateful for you and our friendship, my dear ❤ Also, I hope we can keep the group going to support and uplift one another. It's been wonderful. I missed yesterday, but for a good reason, and I refuse to guilt myself about it.

  2. Oh my goodness! I’m finally over here and I was going to say I love the gratefuls and I have a post in my head about them and there you are grateful for me and the group! I’m grateful for the group, too, because we support one another so well.

    I’m grateful for friends like you – who know what to say, know how to listen, know how to advise and show so much strength. xo

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