We Are A Football Family

For as long as I can remember, Sundays have meant football.

When I was younger, I think us kids kinda watched or were left to our own devices. Either way, football was on in the living room and you were quiet unless you were yelling at your team.

As a teen, I could often be found huddled on the couch, rooting for my Dallas Cowboys with my nose buried in a book. As a young mom, my son was often rocked to sleep with my cursing the refs under my breath.

Now, Sundays still mean football.

My fiance and I will often plan around-the-house activities for Sundays, knowing that we’ll have the games on in the background. Our dog has even fallen into the routine, he knows his Sundays are spent curled on the couch with my fiance while Scotty works on various projects and watches his fantasy team scores.

I spent today working on the blog while watching San Francisco and New Orleans battle it out. Edits were made while I rooted for Brandin Cooks (a former Oregon State player) and his fancy footwork. I answered emails while watching the highlights of my Cowboys who are over in London today.

We are a football family.

How does your family spend Sundays?

8 thoughts on “We Are A Football Family

  1. We are not sports people, though growing up my folks watched football. Our Sundays start with church, then some work around the house and then hubby and kids head back to church while I take a breather before the homeschool week starts again tomorrow.

    1. There were years of my youth where we were a church family, so I do have those memories as well. I love the idea of resting and prepping for the week ahead, whatever our schedules look like. It’s nice to have the chance to, as you said, take a breather. Hope this week is a good one for you, Charity!

    1. Even in the summer, we tend to be more homebodies on Sundays. I’m not sure if it’s some unconscious way of wanting to rest up for the week ahead, or what. But I’ll take any excuse to have a lazy day with a crockpot simmering with dinner 🙂

  2. We don’t watch it as much down in NC because we don’t get to see the Giants play very often. But recently I had it on as background noise and completely thought of my dad. It was very much a part of our family’s life back home growing up. I love this post. Love it.

    1. Sometimes it’s more background noise here, especially if the only games available are the Seahawks and/or the Raiders. But it’s always nice to have it on, and feel that sense of “home.”

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