Just One…But So Much More

I am just one.

Just one of the millions fighting an invisible illness. Just one in a sea of pain and misunderstanding. Just one to stand up and say: I am more.

I am more than my illnesses. I am more than pain, medications, fatigue, and disability.


I am a sister. I have sisters with whom I’m building better relationships. We’re working to make memories now, rather than live in our pasts. I’m a sister of the heart. I’ve adopted so many of my dear friends, claiming them as my family, and loving them more than words.

I am a mother. I love my son more than I ever thought possible. Each day he makes me more proud, and I am in awe of his intelligence and strength of character. I look at him and can’t believe that he’s mine. He is my greatest gift, and I am his mother.

I am a daughter. Though my relationships with my parents have been strained over the years, I am still theirs. I am the result of a drunken night, a relationship that never should have been. Still, I am his sole heir, and her oldest. I am their daughter, their blood, carrying on their legacies.

I am a lover, soulmate, life partner, fiance, spouse. I am the promise of a future, and the memory of five wonderful years together. I am dinner on the table, lunches packed for work, laundry washed and put away. I am date nights and late nights walking our doggy. I am the one he gave his heart to, and the keeper of his secrets.

I am a friend. I am care packages in the mail, funny cards, and emails that make us laugh until we cry. I am two hour chats where we talk about everything and nothing. I am a shoulder for your tears, and arms for a hug. I am coffee on a Sunday afternoon, and watching 80s movies while we talk about life.

I am a writer. I share my words, my thoughts, my stories. I come here to this corner of the internet that I’ve made mine every week to share this life I lead. I share to ease the thoughts and voices swirling around in my head. I share so you know you’re not alone. I share because I am a writer, and writers write.

I am a lover of music, books, and movies. I am a true crime fan, a sap for a good romance, and a flower dancing to the waves of sound. I am an admirer of those who follow their passions and are gracious enough to share them with the world.

I am just one. And I matter.


You are just one, but you can make a difference. This week (Sept. 8-13 2014) is Invisible Illness Awareness Week. Please take a moment to check out their site and lend your support. Together we can raise awareness for all of us. And awareness can lead to research, to a cure.

15 thoughts on “Just One…But So Much More

  1. You are all of that and then some. And more. And a bag of chips. Or – as I literally JUST had some – popcorners. You are my friend. I puffy heart you.

  2. I absolutely love this! You are amazing, a beautiful person and a wonderful writer! So glad to have gotten to know you better. As you know, though we don’t wish this disease on anyone, it’s comforting to talk with someone who understands the physical and emotional toll of RA. Gentle hugs.

    1. Thank you so very much Tanya! Each year I try to participate in Invisible Illness Awareness Week in some way. It’s just one way I can help, and this year’s prompt really struck home with me. Gentle hugs to you as well.

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