Something To Fight For

Once, when I was in a pretty rough patch, my gal Kristen had some powerful words for me. We were debating the wisdom of my going out when I was already in the middle of a flare. I had a bad case of cabin fever, but doctor’s orders were to rest.

Kristen listened to me hem and hah for a while and then just looked at me, and said:


I opened my mouth to argue with her, then sat there with my mouth gaping like an idiot.

She was right. (As usual.)

We spoonies fight so hard to live life. Doctors appointments, scary medications, supplements, alternative medication, dietary changes. We do whatever we can to fight against the odds and live as long as we can. We stare those morbidity rates in the face and do our best to defy them.

But why go through all that only to live in a bubble and watch life, real living, pass us by?

Yes, we must be careful. But we should still remember to smile often, and to find the good in each day. We should still LIVE a little.

So go out today and do something you’ve been putting off for a “better” day. Have that ice cream, even if it might upset your tummy. Take a walk in the sunshine, go window shopping, go for a little drive. Live a little today, so that tomorrow, when the pain is bad, you’ll remember what you’re fighting for.


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