Another Year Older, More Grateful

Yesterday I turned another year on the axis of life. A whopping 32, I am. In honor of all the wonderful birthday wishes I received, here’s a bit of Monday Gratitude for you.


I’m grateful for:

*Sharing Doctor Who and s’mores popcorn with my son.

*Choosing to live life, despite pain.

*Birthday parties that include bowling and pizza and cupcakes.

*Leftover pizza for lunches.

*A son who willingly helps with chores, making it easier for me to save spoons to do fun things with him.

*Friends who take time out of busy lives to celebrate with you.

*Loved ones who celebrate with you from far away via texts, Facebook, and phone calls.

*Businesses who offer special discounts for birthday parties.

*A fiance who goes out of his way to make it the very best day, including taking my son shopping to pick me up a card.

*A son who gives his blessing to our engagement, and agrees to give me away next summer at our wedding.



2 thoughts on “Another Year Older, More Grateful

  1. Happy birthday!!! What a great list of gratefulness! How wonderful that your son will give you away at your wedding next year. That’s just about the best present ever.

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