Ask Away Friday The Husband Swap

The last few weeks, a few of the AAF bloggers have had swaps celebrating the men behind the bloggers. When the idea was first discussed on the forum, Tracie and I pounced. Since we’re super close, there’s not much Tracie and I don’t know about each other. That’s not to say a swap between us wouldn’t be fun, it would be, and I imagine we’ll do a swap one of these days.

But our significant others? They just know what Tracie and I pass along, or what they glean from social media. We decided to have my fiance and Tracie’s husband swap questions for each other.



So kick back in your best version of an Al Bundy pose and get ready to learn all about Scotty. Then hop on over to Tracie’s site to learn a little more about her husband, Thomas. Maybe you’ll see why Tracie and I feel we’ve nabbed a few of the last good men 😉

Thomas’s questions to Scotty (I should note that I’ve been instructed to copy and paste these questions EXACTLY as Thomas typed them. So I did, with the exception of adding my standard formatting.) –

1. What do you love most about Tia?

While it’s easy to say her smile or her eyes (because it’s true), I’d rather focus on a part of what makes her *her*. I truly love her generosity. She always tries to find ways to create pick-me-ups for friends, the time she spends helping others, all the things she does giving of herself. She is one of the most selfless people I know.

2. If it were possible to build a house and live successfully on any real planet or moon, besides Earth, which one would you pick, and why?
What about a fictional planet or moon? Example: Naboo or some place in the Degobah System

Well, given that Mars seems to be a “potential” destination for a manned mission (and perhaps way down the road an established colony) that would be my choice. I am so curious to find out if Martian soil would have the right chemical makeup to support growing crops. Obviously the issue of available water (or lack thereof) would come into play.

As for a fictional planet? It’s a toss-up between Rylos or the planet from Land of the Lost.

3. A day at the races, or a night at the opera?

Animal Crackers *and* The Game.

4. I’ll give you $500 to spend the night in A) the most haunted house, B) the most decrepit catacomb, or C) the deepest cave. Which one do you choose? Is $500 enough? (Oh, by the way, you can’t bring any weapons or lights!)

Seeing as how caves and catacombs give me the creeps, I’d probably have to choose the haunted house. But I would have picked that anyway. There’s a bit of a thrill in having to endure something like that, and really, if I can’t bring any weapons, it’s the safest environment. And I suppose $500 would be enough, but I’d gladly take more!

5. Which cartoon character best represents your personality? (For instance, I’m Foghorn Leghorn, with a little Fred Flintstone thrown in for good measure.)

I’m certainly a mix of several characters. There’s a little bit of Barney Rubble, Daffy Duck and all three Ed’s from “Ed, Edd, and Eddy” in my personality. There’s also a Canadian cartoon that I’ve caught on “over-the-air” broadcast TV called “Being Ian”. It’s about a kid who works in a music store, makes movies, and is always in a predicament. I think they based it on me!

6. What is the worst movie you have ever seen? (I’m sure it will be Mars Attacks, but Tracie is beating me about the head and shoulders yelling, “Dude, Where’s My Car!!” which I have never seen.)

First, I liked “Mars Attacks”. Second, I’ve never seen “Dude, Where’s My Car?” either. Third, I’ve seen many stinkers over the years due to watching my favorite TV show of all time, Mystery Science Theater 3000.

So, all that being considered, I’ll adjust the criteria to being a movie I paid money to watch in the theater. And that makes the answer simple: “The Day After Tomorrow” starring Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal. I remember watching it and thinking, “this has to go somewhere, right?” It was so cliched; just bad.

7. Are you pro or against changing the name of the Washington Redskins?

If you had asked me 10-15 years ago, I bet my answer would have been different. But ask me now, and I will tell you I am *for* changing it. It’s extremely insensitive in this day and age, especially when matched with their logo. The same can be said for the Cleveland Indians.

At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, but in the interest of full disclosure, I am also a lifelong Atlanta Braves fan. While I still own memorabilia with their highly inappropriate logo from the 1980’s, it’s not something I’m overly proud of. I would be alright with them eliminating to the tomahawk logo, or at least phase it out significantly.

8. What time period and geographic location would you choose to live in if you could go back in time? And, yes, you can bring your own Novocain, Penicillin, and a Physicians Desk Reference (because I’m not sharing mine).

While it’s not very long ago, I’ve always had a fondness for late 1920’s / early 1930’s Hollywood. The architecture, the climate, the “freshness”. I’ve always imagined a sense of hopefulness around that era.

If I had to choose something more than just 80-90 years in the past, I’d love to live in Europe in the mid to late 1700’s and experience the works of Mozart and Beethoven as they were presented for the first time.

9. Is it better to burn out or fade away?

Hey hey, my my… It is better to fade away, because burning out can be pretty absolute. I’d like to believe that you can fade away while still enjoying whatever you’re fading away from or with.

10. We have an ongoing disagreement in our family about the lyrics to Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. Tracie has asked people this question to get them on her side before, and now it is my turn. When you get to the line, “Then all the reindeer loved him, and they shouted out with glee…..” what word do you say next? “Glee!” or “Yippee”? I am sure that you will get this correct and say GLEE! We should form an alliance. You are going to say glee, right?

Um… Honestly? Neither! I always said “Whee!” So, does that answer give me Switzerland-like neutrality?

Bonus Question: Which Oregon team would you least like to see Alabama stomp into the ground?

Easy… Oregon State! But I know that if they were to face Alabama, the Beavers would be thoroughly stomped. Sad, but true!


WOW! Well, as you can imagine, I’m over here sobbing and smiling like a goon at his answer to number 1. What a great bunch of questions, and of course, Scotty had some wonderful answers! Don’t forget to hop over to Tracie’s site and check out the other half of this swap.

Thank you Tracie and Thomas for such a fun post! Happy weekend!

8 thoughts on “Ask Away Friday The Husband Swap

  1. These are fantastic. I love your twist on the husbands thing because when I did it twice I asked the questions for the husbands and vice versa. It will be fun for them to just talk to each other. My daughter asked me if she could go to Mars. I didn’t even know what to say! #1 melts my heart! And I love your take on burning out or fading away. I also would choose the haunted house.

  2. I love the swap between the guys. We say “yippee” during rudolph. I agree with your hubby the Washington Redskins should change their name. It is very offense.

  3. This was fun. I think our wives should let us write more of their blogs for them. We both obviously have a talent. I loved your answers, and just wanted to touch on three of them.

    #3 – I really laughed hard at this, because I was referring to the Queen albums, and it didn’t occur to me that these are also the names of Marx Brothers movies. And that is weird, because I really love the Marx Brothers.

    #6 – I don’t understand how anybody liked Mar Attacks. But it is like oysters – you either really love them, or you really hate them. I just happened to really hate it, and felt like I could never get those two hours back. I’m really happy you didn’t say “The Blair Witch Project” because I think that is one of the classic movies of our day. But that is for the next time we do this (which I hope will be in another month or two *wink wink nod nod*).

    Bonus Question – Tracie has just informed me that one of you is also a Ducks fan. Hmmmmm… I hope I didn’t cause a battle to break out in your civil war. I was just trying to get a rise, but when I read your answer, I began to apologize to the screen for asking such a pretentious question. Truth be known, one of your teams is considered by me to be the Alabama of the PNW, and I won’t tell you which one it is. But that is a big compliment.

    There is more I could say, but I don’t like big comments, so, thanks so much. I hope we get to do this again.

    P.S. By the way, Tia is a big sweetheart!

  4. Awesome swap! I think that I would for sure stay in a haunted house! LOL! But I love creepy things like that. Ooh Europe in the mid to late 1700’s, would for sure be interesting! I would have to choose “Jeepers Creepers” or “Pumpkinhead” for worst movies. Have an amazing week!

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