Ask Away Friday 90’s Throwback

Another week of summer is behind us, and hopefully it has taken these crazy high temperatures with it. I can handle some heat, but high 90’s with humidity is just a bit much here, especially without air conditioning.

Speaking of 90’s, it’s time for another round of Ask Away Friday, and Echo and I are doing a 90’s Throwback!


Echo is the lady behind the Domain Of The Mad Mommy. You may remember we swapped a while back. This week found us both without a partner, so we decided to do something a little different and a lot fun. So pop in your favorite boy band CD, rock those big bangs, and brace yourselves while we travel back in time!

1. What was your favorite 90’s TV show?

This is hard, I had a bunch that I loved! It’s probably a tie between Boy Meets World and Saved By The Bell. Because apparently I liked imagining high school to be so much cooler than it actually was…

2. What 90’s TV show character did you most want to be?

I went through a phase where I really wanted to be Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All. She had such a cool, eclectic room and kind of reminded me of Claudia from The Babysitters Club books. Who I also wanted to be.

3. What 90’s toy do you wish they would bring back?

(click photo for source)
(click photo for source)

Though there seems to be many variations dating back to the 70’s, I had the Hasbro Fashion Plates and LOVED them! I entertained the wild idea that I was a great fashion designer just waiting to be discovered and had different sketches tacked all over my walls for ages!

4. What was the biggest 90’s fashion crime committed by you, and by the world at large?

Those bangs! Oh lordy, y’all! My mom has pictures with my bangs teased so high, with so much hairspray, I’m sure had someone lit a candle in a six foot radius of me, the whole room would have gone up in flames. And they were made all that much worse by the fact that they were permed!

5. What  is your favorite 90’s music video?

6. What 90’s movie did you watched repeatedly? 

As much as it pains me to say this… I watched Clueless over and over and over again. Does it redeem me if I add that Pulp Fiction is the 90’s movie I now watch over and over?

7. What is your least favorite 90’s song that everyone else loved?

Hanson’s MMMBop. I still know every mother-lovin word, but gah! I hated that song and it was EVERYWHERE.

8. Who was your 90’s boy celeb crush?

(click photo for source)
(click photo for source)

Rider Strong aka Shawn from Boy Meets World. My original bad boy crush. *le sigh*

9. What was your favorite 90’s snack that you want back?

I know they still make them, but somehow they don’t taste the same. And I haven’t had one in ages… Ding Dongs.

10. What is your favorite 90’s memory?

Though my relationship with my mom was strained in those years (even more so than it is now), she and my step-dad took me to my uncle’s church camp one summer and I got to go white water rafting. I was terrified (I’ve never properly learned how to swim, I kinda do a panicked doggy paddle. So glamorous.), but it was so exhilarating to face a fear. And it was so much fun! Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

Thanks for such a great swap Echo! Y’all be sure to pop over to her site and see all of her 90’s favorites. Who knows? We may have some similar answers 🙂

If you’d like to join in on the Ask Away Friday fun, join their Facebook group. You’ll meet some awesome peeps, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Or if you have a question for me that I haven’t answered yet, leave it in the comments and I’ll add it as a bonus question next time!


10 thoughts on “Ask Away Friday 90’s Throwback

  1. I always love reminiscing about the 90s though I never heard of those fashion plates. Sounds like something I would have totally been into. I had this book of funny facial features and bodies and you could trace them onto paper and create funny characters. I wish I still had that! I’d love to Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

  2. Boy Meets World! I loved Clarissa Explains It All Too. Of course, I was watching this stuff with my daughter who was born in ’88 so she wasn’t quite a teen for all of that fun stuff but it was still more appropriate than the stuff on now. Clueless is awesome! I love to watch it when I come across it.

  3. Oh how I loved reading this 90s swap. I thought high school was going to be just like Saved By the Bell…lol. I was very disappointed that my school wasn’t like Bayside. I loved almost all the TGIF shows. I also loved the Babysisters Club. I still have my books in a closet, I can’t part with them.

  4. I had the 80’s version of the Fashion Plates, and they were so one of my favorite toys! I could sit for hours! I watched a ton of Saved by the Bell! LOL! Oh boy do I remember the big, ticked off hairdo’s! I had one every now and then, but I am horrible at doing my hair! LOL! Have a great weekend, Tia!

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