I’m Grateful For Happiness

I woke up feeling pretty puny this morning. I didn’t sleep well due to pain and an upset tummy which means I’m more than a little crabby from lack of good rest. Rather than allow myself to sit and wallow, I’m celebrating all the things that made me happy recently. You should join me!



I’m grateful for:

*Thunderstorms that break up a two week run of high temperatures.

*Being able to be the bearer of much awaited good news.

*My fiance playing live music again. And the wonderfully supportive band mates.

*Friends who drive 40 minutes one way to come and support my fiance.

*The 80’s music channel on my TV that lets me reminisce while I write.

*Blogger friends who pass along tips and help.

*Doctors and nurses who call to check on me, who take the time to fully explain recent lab work, who go out of their way to ease my fears and worries.

*My fiance’s employer who has bestowed so much kindness and understanding on us.

*Friends who help plan my wedding via text message and Pinterest when they can’t be right here with me.

*Phone calls with my kiddo where he tells me how excited he is to come see us.

*My parents, who are currently spoiling my son with once in a lifetime opportunities. I may be slightly jealous that I never got to go to Disney or Six Flags as a kid, but I’m so happy my son gets to make these memories with his grandparents.

*Getting to share about Spoons 4 Spoonies and The Spoon Theory with new people, especially when they’re open and receptive. It warms my heart to know I’m doing my part to raise awareness and push back at the stigmas.

*Dawnie, who first told me what a spoonie was, and helped me to put into words my struggle. She also gives me strength every day to keep putting one foot in front of the other, to keep living the best possible life, in spite of whatever struggles get thrown my way.


What are you grateful for today? Link up in the comments and lets make Monday just a little brighter!


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