Truthful Tuesday: Summer Is Here

With temperatures reaching the nineties this week, summer is most definitely in full swing. Normally summer doesn’t start for us until my son gets here for his visit, but the weather has other plans this year.

Since the heat is bearing down and it’s not even noon yet, my brain is naturally fried. So here are a few truths to hold you over until I can think straight again.

*I was not made for extreme temperatures.

*I had forgotten how much I love A Walk In The Clouds until this morning.

*It’s always been a dream of mine to stomp grapes, ever since I saw Lucy do it in Pretty Woman.

*My rheumatologist wants to start me on Remicade infusions. Now we wait to see if my insurance will approve it.

*For my birthday this year, I’ll be getting a colonoscopy and endoscopy. I was kinda hoping for a mani/pedi instead.

*I’ve always dreamed of being serenaded.

*I ran into an old “friend” this past weekend. While we had a nice chat, catching up, my heart remembers all the hurt she and another caused me. And I’m hesitant to put myself out there again.

*The TENS unit I received has been working wonders on my lower back pain. I HIGHLY recommend them.

*My fiance never ceases to amaze me with the depth of his love and care for me. I am so very lucky that he has stuck by my side through everything.


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