Ask Away Friday Independence Edition

Happy Independence Day and Happy Friday!

This week I had the pleasure of swapping with April from 100lb Countdown. April is on a journey to a healthier self and is sharing it all with us, along with stories of her kiddos, her marriage, and life in general. Because our swap would land on July 4th, April agreed to do a bit of a theme with me. Be sure to check out April’s site to see her answers!


So here are five questions about Independence Day:

1. What’s the most creative way you’ve used the American flag?

I had to think about this one really hard and I still couldn’t come up with anything. I think one year we baked a cake and made a flag out of berries on top, but that’s about it.

2. Do you have a friend or family member in active duty that makes you appreciate this day more than others?

I actually grew up in a military family. My first step-father served in the Air Force and I spent the first decade of my life stationed at a number of different bases. My mom’s current husband is also in the Air Force, as well as my youngest sister, so my son is also being raised in a very military-appreciative family.

3. What’s your favorite part of the Fourth of July celebration?

I know it may be a common answer, but I love watching the big fireworks shows. There’s something about staring up at the starry sky and watching the different colors stream across. It always takes my breath away.

4. Have you always participated in Fourth of July activities?

Um. I think so? I don’t have any distinct memories of NOT doing anything for the holiday, so there’s that. Growing up, there was always family. So whether we were at home or Grandma’s or with a friend, there was family around. Sometimes we lit our own fireworks after BBQing, sometimes we went to the city park to watch the big show over the lake. But I think we always did something.

5. Do you have any Fourth of July stories?

When my son was little- I think it was his second summer, so he was a year and a half- we took him to see the parade. He loved everything until the firetrucks came. They turned on the sirens and he placed his hands over his ears and WAILED! We didn’t realize he’d have such a strong reaction to the loud sounds since nothing else had seemed to phase him up to that point. That night we set off fireworks at home and his nana was trying to get him to hold a sparkler for a photo, but he kept trying to place his hands over the ears to cover the noise from the other fireworks. I was freaking out that he’d burn himself from the sparkler, so somewhere there’s a photo of him with his hands over his ears, grinning, and me holding the sparkler for him. Not really the photo op everyone was looking for haha!

And here are five about me:

1. You mentioned that you aren’t close to many of your family members. Is there anyone that you really wish you had a relationship with, but don’t?

I thought really hard about this. Though I’m closer now with my two sisters, we haven’t always been that way. I wish we’d been closer growing up and that we had some great memories of things the three of us did together when we were younger. Fortunately, we’re working on making memories now.

2. Have you told the “How You Met Your Fiance” Story? If not, can you tell us? If you have, tell us what first attracted you to your fiance?

Last year on our anniversary, I shared the story of how we met. Scotty (name has been changed to protect his sanity haha!) is the very best person for me, I just can’t say it any better than that. He understands me, even when I’m not sure I understand myself. There’s a love here that runs very deep and true. As for what first attracted me, that’s kind of two-fold, since we met online. Initially, I was drawn in by his wit. Scotty is one smart cookie, but I never felt like he was talking down to me. When we met in person, his smile won me over. When he smiles at me, his whole face lights up. It’s enough to melt my heart.

3. What values do you hope to instill in your son?

I hope to teach him how to value women. I hope to teach him to believe in equality. I hope to teach him to stand up for himself and what he believes in, even if it might not be the popular choice. I hope to teach him to follow his dreams and to have passion for life. Mostly, I hope to teach him to love- to love wholeheartedly, without reservations, because without love, life is so very sad.

4. Where so you see your life in 5 years? Will you still be blogging?

I sure hope so! This blog has become very much MY space. I come here to share about myself, to share about this crazy life, and I can’t imagine much of that will change over the next five years. I hope that I’ll have a bit of a better handle on my health by then, or that I’ve at least found a routine. I hope that Scotty and I will have a bigger home then, with maybe an office for me and a studio or practice room for him.

5. Design your perfect home… include location and size!

I’ve daydreamed about a perfect home many times over the years. I used to want a 2-story Victorian but stairs and I are no longer friends, so I’ve made some adjustments to the dreams. I’d love a ranch-style home on the outskirts of the city. There are rolling hills within five minutes of the city lines that remind me of “the country.” Ideally, I’d like it to have a master suite, a bedroom for my son, and a guest room. I’d also like an office/library for me and a music room for my fiance. I’d like it to be on a decent piece of land so that there would be plenty of land for a few doggies to run around, and maybe even a pool or hot tub. And of course, it would need a state-of-the-art kitchen 🙂


I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday and weekend! We’re planning for a quiet evening at home since I’m on doctor’s orders to rest this week. Fingers crossed I can see some fireworks from my little corner of the world! And don’t forget to pop over to April’s site to see how she answered our Fourth of July questions!


4 thoughts on “Ask Away Friday Independence Edition

  1. I would love to be blogging in five years! I think I’m a lifer.
    It’s a dreary day here, so no sparklers or BBQ for us. Just acting cozy. I don’t know how my son would react to the noises of fireworks!

  2. Oh, I know what you mean about being surprised at the noises. We went to a parade recently and all the loud noises sent my Butterfly into panic mode. She didn’t like it one bit! Aren’t great men great? I met my J online too and I love who he is as a person and who he helps me be. I loved switching up with you!

  3. I am with you, if I could build my dream home I would add another huge room just for my hubby. He wants an office/music room. He lost his music room when we had our youngest son.
    I also would love to have a hot tub and one of those Jacuzzi bathtub. Oh and a bigger shower would be awesome too.

  4. I definitely hope to still be at this blogging thing in 5 years. I love it so much! I am not close to any of my siblings, or most of my other family either. I think that is why I put so much focus on hubby and the kids. It would be a dream to have a hot tub and a pool! LOL! I love our big yard, but I am not a fan of mowing it, but it is great exercise for me! I kind of like our little house, but I do wish that it was more out in the country. Have a great week, Tia!

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