Mondays Are For Gratitude

My lovely Tracie has been linking up on the weekends with a group of thankful bloggers, making a wonderful list of ten things for which she’s thankful. I keep saying I’m going to join her, but let’s be honest- blogging on the weekends has always been hard for me. That’s the only time I get with my fiance, weekends are usually pretty busy here.

So I decided that I would make Monday’s full of gratitude and thankfulness. Why not? It’s not like Monday’s are full of much that’s good, so I’m gonna turn that around. At least, in my own little corner of the interwebs. Y’all feel free to join in 🙂


I’m grateful for:

*Reading a new book with a friend hundreds of miles away.

*Sharing emails and texts about said book.

*Shaved ice and exploring our town with a good friend.

*The new Linkin Park album and DVD that was an early birthday gift from my fiance.

*New upstairs neighbors that I can barely tell are there.

*A doggy who snuggles up and gives kisses first thing in the morning, allowing me to wake up a bit before taking him outside.

*My TENS unit and the insurance that paid for it.

*Fallah, who quietly helps from the background. She offers grace, understanding, and non-judgement, and just can’t fathom being any other way. She is, and always will be, an angel in my life.

*My mother’s sponsors and mentors who are helping with her recovery.

*My own therapist who is helping me establish healthy boundaries and coping tools so that I can thrive in my life instead of merely surviving.

*My patient and understanding fiance who hasn’t yet strangled me for the mountains of crafting supplies that have been strewn all over our living room this past week.

*My fiance’s best friend, who has blessed us with many gifts this year, including giving my fiance a sneak peak at some new music making tools, which have sparked inspiration and creativity.

*New bloggers I’ve met via Ask Away Friday who are helping me broaden my horizons and make this blog into my own little corner of the interwebs, one step at a time.

*Cindy Lou and Rene, who helped calm the storm in my mind. They listened, offered help, and even volunteered to send chocolate. They are the very best kinds of people.

*The nice maintenance man who not only fixed our shower faucets last week, but came back the next day to snake the drain. He could have waited until the request form was filed and approved (which can take up to 30 days), instead he just did it. And now I have a normally working/draining shower again.


What are you thankful for this Monday morning?



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