Truthful Tuesday: Mercury Retrograde Sucks

My soon to be father-in-law is an astrologer. I knew nothing about Mercury or its cycles until I met him. While I keep a level of skepticism in regards to things like astrology, I do know there’s a kernel of truth in most things.

These past few days have proven that whatever is moving in the cosmos, it doesn’t like my household so much. Here’s just a few things:

*My fiance shattered his iPhone screen.

*My mother had a complete meltdown and finally admitted that she is an alcoholic and needs help.

*Google Chrome decided to just stop working and I had to uninstall and reinstall it on my laptop. In the middle of calming down my mother.

*My fiance’s workplace has gone from a three man operation to a two man operation. The stress levels are astronomical.

*My iPhone decided to lose all of my contacts. Not sure how, not even sure how I fixed it, but they just as suddenly all came back.

*Saturday evening I slid into a full-blown flare- joints, muscles, tummy issues, headaches- the works. I’m headed back to the doctor today to see if we need to switch something around in my treatment.

*Ants have once again invaded our apartment. We’ve cleaned, we’ve laid traps, we’ve sprayed- they keep coming back. If anyone has any genius ideas, I’m all ears.



3 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday: Mercury Retrograde Sucks

  1. I have found ants hate “Mrs. Meyers “Basil” Clean Day Countertop Spray. I discovered this by accident because I was just cleaning the kitchen. We have had a terrible time with ants and nothing worked so I had just given up and was cleaning as usual but noticed that over time the ants did not come back to the areas that I had wiped down with this particular cleaner which is organic and safe for humans. Ironic!

    Also, we have ants outside on our patios and I learned from my friend in Puerto Rico that the residents there use a combination of Borax and sugar. A sprinkle of sugar on the Borax tricks the ants into eating the Borax as well as taking it to the hive which kills them all.

    Good luck:)

  2. I tried everything. I finally went back to the terro liquid ant poison. I noticed a difference by the next morning. A day later, no more ants to be seen. And just to give you an idea of how bad they were, I killed 15 with one swat before that

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