Thanks For The Memories, They Were Great

It started so innocuously.

My fiance came home from work and said we had plans to meet a coworker and his fiance for drinks. I was nervous, I had no clue if this woman and I would even have anything in common. My fiance had never met her, he was going on the word of his coworker that we would hit it off. Sounds a bit like a recipe for disaster, doesn’t it?

Little did I know that I would be meeting one of the greatest friends I’ve ever known.

Kristen and Seth walked into our lives that night and changed everything. Over drinks, Kristen and I got to know each other while Seth and my fiance talked about work, music, and video games. And so a pattern began. Whenever we would get together, the boys would get wrapped up into their own world, and Kristen and I would chatter away in ours.

From dinners where I tricked Seth into eating his vegetables, to nights where Kristen and Seth kept me company while watching my fiance rock the stage. Group hang outs at Denny’s and trips to the craft store with Kristen. Kristen and Seth became some of our closest friends. They asked us to be a part of their wedding last year, and have agreed to be a part of ours next year. They became family.

Today they will be taking the next step in their lives together. They are moving to Canada to be closer to Kristen’s family. We’ve always known this day would come, and for the last six months we’ve steadily been moving towards the goodbyes. But as I hugged them last night, my heart was both sad and happy. While I am thrilled at this opportunity for them, I will miss them with an ache I didn’t know I could feel.

Though they’ll only be a day’s drive away, gone will be the late nights of conversations about anything and everything. They won’t be here to celebrate our birthdays this year or to have a Christmas pajama party. There won’t be a Halloween costume party or mimosas for New Years.

K&S Collage 2

K&S- Words cannot thank you for all the wonderful memories you’ve made with us. While we already miss you, we could not be happier for this wonderful new path in your lives. We know we’ll see you again, and there will be new memories. Thank you for loving us, for all the great times, for the care baskets when I was sick, and for all the times you spoiled us. Thank you for everything, every memory. We love you.


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