Truthful Tuesday: Female Edition

Full Disclosure:

Today’s post mentions items of a girly nature. For my manly men-type readers, I suggest checking out the work I’m doing with Spoons 4 Spoonies and our campaign to expand our reach. Go ahead guys, my feelings won’t be hurt.

In fact, if all y’all would take a look, that’d be great. I’ll wait here…

Awesome, right? I know.

Now, for some not so awesome things about being a girl. Because hormones.

*Though I am happy my body is finally doing what it’s supposed to be doing (for once), these cramps are BS.

*I need a maid.

*Mother Nature has decided that I should PMS and flare in the same week. She has a wicked sense of humor, apparently. I’m not laughing.

*If I must pluck one more white hair from my face this week, I will start stabbing things.

*Why is there never enough chocolate?

*Heating pads when it’s 80 degrees outside feel more than a little ridiculous.

*If I start bawling at another stupid commercial, I’m going to scream.

*Can someone please explain why my pants are falling off my ass but the number on the scale isn’t going down?

*My hormones want me to be cuddled and loved on. My hyper-sensitive body doesn’t want to be touched. This is why people are homicidal.



2 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday: Female Edition

  1. If you’ve built up or toned any muscles, you’re scale might not reflect weight change, but it is very likely for you to have burned some fat. That happens to me quite a lot.

    Also, it sucks being a chick. It does.

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