Truthful Tuesday: What’s New

My words are still spinning, but here are a few truths I can pick out from the whirlwind:

*I spent an afternoon at the library and then curled up in the park with a book this weekend. It was the best gift my fiance could have given me.

*We’ve had a week of sunshine and spring temperatures. I’ve loved having my window open, despite the pollen that’s bound to trigger an allergy attack.

*We have met with a lady who is looking to re-home her rescue dog. We’re taking things slow because of his long past, but it looks like he may be coming to live with us soon. This makes me happier than there are words to say.

*I have active daydreams of winning the lottery and all of our worries being carried away.

* I tell myself we deserve to win the lottery because we would help so many others with that money, not just ourselves. Many families would be better off, so it has to be a good thing, right?

*We don’t even play the lottery.

*I feel people slipping away and it breaks my heart.

*I’ve been trying to teach myself to knit. I’m stuck on step 2.

*I’ve borrowed Knitting For Dummies from the library. I’m determined to learn.



2 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday: What’s New

  1. I used Knitting for Dummies to teach myself how to do it! If you need help, maybe I can walk you through it on our next video chat?!

    I’m so excited about the new dog. I hope everything works out quickly so he can come to live with you right away!

    Those lottery dreams? Whew. I’ve got them, too.

    Love you!! More than chocolate ice cream with sprinkles.

  2. OMG! It would be so cool for you to get a dog. I want one, but with two cats, we just can’t have another animal in an apartment. Knitting is hard, way harder than cross-stitching or crocheting. You remind me that to win the lottery you have to play. Also, boo to peeps slipping away. Just know that I’m not going anywhere. ❤

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