A Symbol Of So Much More

My relationship with my fiance has been far from conventional.

To start, we met online. Not through one of those dating sites like Match or eHarmony. Just a simple chat room where we struck up a conversation about Green Day.

Though we had exchanged pictures, we both will tell you we knew we loved the other before we had ever met face-to-face.

Rather than brave a long distance relationship, I threw caution (and some would say all reason) to the wind and moved over 200 miles to be with him.

Within our first year together, he had helped me through the loss of my daughter and an ovarian cyst rupture. Over our four years, we’ve braved chronic illness, his father’s fall and resulting disability, financial woes, and loss.

Last Valentine’s Day, when he asked me to be his wife while holding a ring from a vending machine, I didn’t think I could ever be happier. Over the Christmas holiday, he talked to my parents and got the approval of them and my sisters. We marked the occasion with a gorgeous vintage black opal ring.

I’ve never been the one for the giant diamond rings. I like simple or unique. I’ve never wanted an engagement ring that we’ll be making payments on for the next five years. Though the opal ring needed to be sized up so I could wear it even when RA has my fingers swelling, I was thrilled with it.

My guy though, he’s always wanted to give me that romantic moment. The big deal, the surprise, the impressive ring. No matter how many times I said I didn’t want or need it, he would not be swayed.

Last night, he succeeded in surprising me and giving me that romantic moment.

Our hairdresser Cathy is more like family. She’s known my fiance since he was ten. More than winning his dad’s approval, I instinctively knew that Cathy would be the deal breaker. If I couldn’t pass her muster, it might be the end of things. I don’t know that I won her over that first visit, but she certainly won me over. Over the years, Cathy has welcomed me into her heart. She has become my family as well as a dear friend. She is a blessing in our lives, and when we told her we were talking marriage, she jumped up and down with us.

What I didn’t know was that for the last year or so, she’s been conspiring with my fiance to give me this wonderful moment.

A gorgeous blue diamond

Cathy passed on one of her own rings for my engagement ring. They worked together to get it perfectly sized for my swollen finger. It’s simple, unique, and fantastically gorgeous. More than the ring, though, it was a symbol that this woman who is like a second mother to my fiance deems me worthy to be his wife.

Every girl dreams of that moment, the one when everything clicks, when you know your future has been blessed. I thought I had that moment when Cathy jumped up and down with us last spring. I thought I had it again over Christmas with my family, when my parents hugged us and wished us well. No.

I finally had my moment last night when he slipped this ring on my finger. A beautiful gift from a family friend who is more like our guardian angel.

Not many girls get three engagement rings, let alone all from the same man. But I’ve known from day one that he is special. And I’m the luckiest girl alive.


4 thoughts on “A Symbol Of So Much More

  1. It really is a gorgeous ring. And I love that it represents not just the family you and Ian are building together, but also you being accepted as a part of his family. That is beautiful.

    Doing weddingish/engagement things in groups of three is awesome.
    (I say this from experience, as I had three weddings!)

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