There Is No Spoon, Neo

My sister from another family once told me I was a super hero. With a name like the WonderTwins, I suppose I must be. Though I don’t have a cape. I do have a fluffy robe, so maybe that counts?

Anyhow, I saw one of those things on Facebook asking what super power I would choose if I could have one. And I thought at first that I would love to be able to fly. If I could fly, I could see any number of my loves any time my heart desired it. Of course, this might require the non-existent cape. And with chronic fatigue, how often would I realistically be able to fly? What would happen if I was on my way to Tracie in Florida, for example, and had to stop because I ran out of spoons?

It was then I realized I truly do have a super power, though probably not one that most would want. I can make spoons DISAPPEAR.

In the movie The Matrix, Neo learns there is no spoon. Since my diagnosis and learning all about the Spoon Theory, that scene has always stuck out to me. Of course there’s no spoon, I used it already!

I know, you’re probably thinking this doesn’t sound like much of a super power at all. But when was the last time you made anything disappear? (No, that plate of donuts does NOT count.) I can also apparently make heat disappear, since I’m always freezing, no matter the outer temperature. Maybe I’m like Mr. Freeze from that Batman movie. Except I have no desire to look like Arnie.

I can make other things disappear, too. Like the supply of Gatorade. I’m sure we just bought some, but there you go, it’s all gone again.

I suppose instead of flying, I should wish for the ability to make things re-appear, no?


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