Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

If you’ve been following me on the Tweeter Machine, you know I’ve been scheming for some time to move all of my favorite people to Oregon so I can be surrounded by all the very best.


A girl can dream, right?

No one gets the barrage of “You should move to Oregon NOW!” more than Tracie and her little family of awesome. At least weekly, I’m pointing out ways Oregon is better than Florida (Hush, it IS better!). Besides the fact that the cost of living is lower in my parts, Oregon is full of beautiful forests and trees of all types for her tree-loving husband. Not to mention their daughter and I could bake all kinds of yummy treats for Tracie to nibble on.

Look how pretty, Thomas!
Look how pretty, Thomas!

In all honesty, I am happy as long as Tracie and her family are happy and well, wherever they may be. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I wish daily for Tracie to be next door where we could share coffee and watch Once Upon A Time together.

Yesterday morning Tracie tweeted about late mornings and snuggles with her awesome daughter. I instantly flashed to a pajama-movie party with Tracie and her daughter. I envisioned all the makings of a cold day spent in warm jammies and fuzzy socks surrounded by hot drinks, yummy snacks, and Disney movies.

And I wanted it to happen so very badly.

Maybe it’s because my son is getting to the age where he’s too cool to want to snuggle with Mama. Maybe it’s because I’ve always wanted a little girl to love on. Maybe it’s just as simple as Tracie being a dear sister to me and wanting some bonding time with her and my adopted niece. Whatever the reasons, my Disney movie pajama day with them is now added to my bucket list.


Which begs the question: Is it tacky to start a kickstarter fund to kidnap one of your favorite families and relocate them to be your new next door neighbors?


4 thoughts on “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

  1. I will mos def contribute to that Kickstarter! Look Tracie, crisp fall weather and the leaves changing color. Look Thomas, thousands of trees that need some tender love and care. Look Katarina, the best library system I’ve ever seen in all of the 12 states I’ve lived in.

  2. You make me smile SO MUCH.

    I love every single one of you Oregon pushers. Keep it up!!

    One day we will make it there. It is my dream, too! We will have the most epic movie-watching pajama parties.

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