Month of Positivity- My Heart Is Overflowing


I’m back from my wonderful weekend away with my fiance and boy are my legs tired!

Friday I got to spend the afternoon with my dear friend Kristen. We got a head start on some Christmas shopping and while were snagging awesome deals, we got a chance to catch up a bit. She and I both battle with anxiety and depression and she’s the best sounding board when I just need to spill out all the swirling thoughts in my mind. When I expressed guilt for taking off for the weekend when there were other things that money could go to, she gave me her “Don’t argue with me, Tia” look and said:

“What’s the point in fighting so hard to live if you don’t take the opportunity to LIVE?”

Since she was looking at me like that AND it made pretty good sense, I didn’t argue with her. In fact, I used it as my mantra for the weekend.

Saturday morning my fiance and I dressed warm and comfy and headed out to the beach. We drove along the Oregon coastline stopping wherever our hearts took us. We took photos of the gorgeous ocean, wandered through eclectic antique shops, and smiled a lot. We talked about everything and nothing and held hands as we strolled along the waterfront.


On Sunday, we got up early and headed to brunch with my girls and one special little man. I should have been nervous about finally getting to meet Dawnie, but I was too excited. And wouldn’t you know it, she’s exactly the same in person. It was like she just walked out of my computer screen. Brunch was DELICIOUS and we all gabbed about everything. My fiance got to hold Shevaun’s baby and my heart did a little flutter. Our waiter took the blurriest photo ever and then my fiance took a better one. After brunch we wandered around a comic book store and a record store before Dawnie had to catch her flight home. We hugged hard and then we were off in our separate directions.

My Girls
If you think Shevaun looks annoyed, it’s cuz her lil man had just dealt her a blow to the chest. The joys of motherhood, eh?

Afterwards my fiance and I stopped into the world’s greatest book store. We still had a gift card from his birthday, so we looked around for some treasures to take home. He found a guitar calendar for our wall (how apropos!), I found an awesome crossword puzzle book for when I don’t want to be staring at my phone, and my fiance was able to get a book that’s been on his wishlist for a few years. We stopped in the cafe for something to drink and then headed home.

As I collapsed into bed last night, I knew I had pushed myself this weekend. I knew I would be sore and achy today, especially with my monthly shot being due tonight. I couldn’t have cared less. My heart was overflowing with love and joy.

I lived this weekend and it was the greatest thing I could have done. And I plan to do much more of it. The pain is going to be there no matter what I do. I deserve to enjoy life to the best of my abilities and I fully intend to.

What is something you’ve been putting off because of chronic illness?

**Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about my giveaway. Joules is our winner for following along all month long! Thanks to all who participated!


4 thoughts on “Month of Positivity- My Heart Is Overflowing

  1. I am so proud of you and your self care! It was awesome meeting all of you gals, and I can’t wait until the next trip to spend more time with all of you. It really was like we’ve always known each other instead of being for the first time. xo

  2. I’m jealous that you ladies got together. Definitely sounds like your weekend was worth it! And your friend is right – take whatever awesomeness in life you can get! You deserve good things!

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