Month of Positivity- Getting Away



One of my favoritest people is coming to the PACNW this weekend.

Since she’s really coming for The Doctor, she’s not going to be be right in my neck of the woods. So my fiance says we will go to her. I will finally get to hug the woman who has inspired so very much change in my life. The person who has given me strength to keep fighting to live life on my terms. The person who makes me smile every time I hear her name.

I will also get to love on Joules and Shevaun and Shevaun’s not so little bundle of joy. I get to show off my awesome fiance and we get to have some good food. All in all, it’s gonna be a damn good Sunday. An added treat?

My fiance has proposed a day trip for tomorrow.

It’s been ages since schedules,chronic illness, finances, life has made it possible for us to get away. Yes, it means two days of travel time in the car. Yes, it means possibly burning my candle low. Yes, we could spend the money on a million other things instead.

But sometimes you just need to get away.

Sometimes you need to reconnect with your partner and yourself after a long few months. Sometimes you need to set your worries and responsibilities on the back burner for a day. Or two.

So I won’t be blogging this weekend. I will be out with people I love, who love me back. I will be taking too many pictures and smiling often. I will forget about all the stress for 48 hours and just allow myself to be. I will take care of myself and I will indulge.

Because sometimes you just need to live.

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3 thoughts on “Month of Positivity- Getting Away

  1. I am so excited. And jealous. And excited.

    Y’all are going to have SO MUCH FUN!! It is going to be an amazing weekend. Can’t wait to see pictures and hear stories.

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