Month of Positivity- Day 16



November 16, 2013

I’m still resting, though I was able to crank out a few errands yesterday. My self-care was curling up for a nap at 8pm so I could stay up to watch Saturday Night Live with my fiance. Sometimes it’s the littlest of things that can make the biggest impact on your day.

I’m thankful for my WonderTwin.

Teala is such a light in my life. Even if we go days without touching base, she’s always on my mind, her love is always here with me. She just has that kind of presence. She’s the sweetest person you’ll ever meet and has a heart of pure gold. But don’t think about crossing her, she’s never afraid to stand up for what she believes in and those she loves. She’s super-duper smart and can probably run circles around my mind but she never makes me feel dumb when we’re talking. She’s just wonderful.

I know that Teala and I fight some of the same battles within our own minds. Her strength gives me strength to keep fighting against the voices that tell me I’m not good enough. Her love and kindness wash over me on the days when I’m feeling whiny and hurting and remind me I’m never alone. Her determination inspires me to keep working towards my dreams, no matter what obstacles life throws my way.

I’ve got something special in mind for my twin to thank her for all the awesomeness she bestows on my life. I can’t share it here quite yet cuz she reads this now and again and I don’t want to spoil her surprise. I’m giddy with excitement over it, though!

Is there someone special in your life you want to thank? Write about it and share your story with us in the links!


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