Month of Positivity- Day 15



November 15, 2013

My self-care has been and continues to be resting and being kind to myself while I battle this flare. Apparently I pinched something in my left leg at some point Wednesday night because I was fighting nerve pain in my lower left leg all day yesterday. I panicked when it started to progress up my leg last night and called my doc. I’m on anti-inflammatory medication now and the pain has eased a bit. The flare is hanging on, but I’m hanging in. My fiance brought home Chinese take-out for dinner last night, so I’m also counting that as self-care. It was divine and nothing upset my tummy, which is a HUGE win these days!

I’m thankful for the online spoonie community.

Whether it’s my Spoons 4 Spoonies page, my gals from The Band, or any of the other online spoonie groups I’ve joined via Facebook and the Tweeter machine, I know someone will always understand me.

Something I’ve experienced myself as well as heard from any spoonie I’ve met is that we feel alone and misunderstood. When we look “normal” and well on the outside, it’s hard to find those in our lives who can see the pain and struggles we deal with on a daily basis. When our friends are off having fun and we’re home fighting a flare, we feel alone and left out.

The online spoonie community takes some of that away. We share inspirational quotes and funny photos to cheer each other up. When we have a new symptom, there’s someone to talk to while we wait to see the doctor again. They are the friends we may never meet, but they KNOW us. They understand all that we’re feeling, even when we don’t have the words to describe it. They are pioneers on the paths to better care for us all.

To show a bit of gratitude, I’m sharing their links here so that you may all go and check them out. You can tell them I sent you, or not, it’s your call. But please take the time to send some love to the people who’ve held me up while I’ve been battling with recent flares.

Pajama Daze

Kicking RA in the Face

Spoon Shortage

Living Chronically Fabulous

Chronic Illness Cat

But You Don’t Look Sick

Finding Strength Through Pain

Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy

RA Chicks

Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior

And of course, I can’t forget my friends in the Chronically Chatty group 🙂

These folks help me to keep swimming and give me hope on days when it’s lacking. Who or what has helped you through a rough time? Do you have a spoonie group that I should join? Please leave a link in the comments so I can check them out!




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