Month of Positivity- Day 14



November 14, 2013

Today I’m thankful for my primary doctor, Mr. E.

I’ve been flaring lately and that means needing my pain medication more regularly. I’m fortunate that I have access to pain medication when I need it…and that’s all due to my awesome doctor.

He’s actually not a doctor, but a nurse practitioner. I met him two years ago when I first started feeling poorly. He is my fiance’s doctor and agreed to take me on as a cash pay patient.

From day one, Mr. E has treated me with respect and understanding. Even when I’ve come in with seemingly inexplicable pain, he has never written me off. He was the doctor who took a chance and ordered the tests that led to my RA diagnosis. He never once doubted my pain, and has instead made sure that I have access to the appropriate medication to help me manage my condition.

I know I’m among the rare. Most spoonies struggle to get access to the medication they need. Doctors are hesitant to provide pain medication for pain they can’t see or calibrate. Many patients have to beg and plead with their doctors to get even the slightest relief.

I’m lucky, and I’m grateful for it. I recently had an opportunity to have a heart to heart with Mr. E and thank him for taking such great care of me. Because of his thoroughness and willingness to listen to my concerns, I’m able to manage my chronic illnesses in the best way that works for me.

My self-care continues to be resting and easing through this flare. I’m taking many naps and have my trusty stuffed doggy to keep me company. There’s a cold front here, so my fiance has brought out the space heater and I have my blanket to keep me nice and cozy.

In fact, I think I’ll go take another nap now. What are you thankful for today? Share in the comments!


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