Month of Positivity- Day 13



November 13, 2013

I missed another day, I’m sorry.

I woke up yesterday feeling absolutely miserable. I’ve known for about the last week that I’m in the throes of a flare, but yesterday was a flare times ten. I spent the day curled up on my couch with my blankie and the space heater on high. I watched true crime TV and America’s Sweethearts since it was on. I wanted to write but I was having a hard time seeing the good in my day.

Today I’m feeling slightly more human.

Today I’m thankful for my friend Dawnie.

Dawnie is has a great soul. Which isn’t something I say about just anyone. She truly is good down to her core. She wants to make the world a better place and she does that by enriching the lives of those around her. When I was having a hard time earlier this year, Dawnie spent a whole afternoon chatting with me. She shared tons of advice and listened to me whine. She told me:

Be realistic with yourself. It’s okay to have days when you’re not Ms. Positivity. It’s okay to accept where you are while knowing that you’re working toward where you want to be. It’s okay to put yourself first. You have to take care of yourself if you want to be able to do anything.

She let me know that days like yesterday are gonna happen, and it’s okay.

That conversation opened up something wonderful in me. It was like I was waiting for someone to give me some sort of permission I didn’t know I needed. All of a sudden, I was taking care of me, both physically and mentally. After over a year of battling RA, I suddenly had the tools I needed to really face this new life I’m living.

When I started having more health issues a few months ago, Dawnie was there again. When I got the diagnosis of Interstitial Cystitis, she spent another afternoon on the phone with me, sharing her wealth of knowledge. Days later a box arrived filled with info on IC, special tea to help soothe me, and tools to help me on my journey. She shared her journey with me and let me know that it will get better.

Dawnie is funny, witty, and adorable. Her laugh is infectious. She loves music even more than I do, which is saying something. She’s extremely giving. She is the kind of person, the kind of friend, I strive to be. With her love and support, I know I can live the kind of life I want, even with chronic illness.

Dawnie is all about paying it forward and spreading love. And so, for her I’ll be doing just that. There’s a spoonie I know who could use some love and encouragement. I’m working on a care basket full of happiness and a little bit of Dawnie to send to a friend in need.

Because Dawnie helped me, I can help others. And that is how we make the world a better place.

Has someone special helped you when you were down? Share your story in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Month of Positivity- Day 13

  1. Has someone helped me? YOU! All the time. Especially when I send you long ortho-rating emails. You talk me off the ledge, and let me know I am loved. That is a HUGE thing. Thank you.

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