Month of Positivity- Day 11


November 11, 2013

I’m thankful for my awesome kiddo.

I had my son when I was barely eighteen. I was far from home and fairly clueless. I forged ahead into motherhood with strong ideas of how I didn’t want to raise my son, but no clear idea of how to do much of anything.

Over time I learned how to cook more than mac and cheese from the box. Thanks to help from programs and a great pediatrician, I muddled through bottle weaning and my son’s toddler years. Sometimes when I look back, I wonder how my son has turned into this phenomenal little human.

My son will be thirteen next month. As much as the idea of the teenage years terrifies me (I was a HORRIBLE, SNOTTY brat of a teen.), I’m excited for this next chapter in my son’s life. He’s in seventh grade this year, a near straight A student. He participates in his school’s Knowledge Bowl and spends his Wednesday afternoons helping younger kids in his youth group with their homework. This past weekend he got his first hunting knife and spent time at the deer camp with his father and grandfather in a time honored tradition.

He is growing into a great young man.

He tells us he wants to join the Air Force when he graduates from high school, he wants to work on the fighter jets like his grandfather. He thinks he’ll go to college after he enlists and completes boot camp. He thinks he might like to work with kids like his grandmother does. He knows for sure that he wants to help people in whatever he does.

Whenever I talk to him, my heart just swells with pride. I can’t take all the credit, of course, his father has done a great job. And we’re blessed to have large families with many sources of good role models for the kiddo to look up to.

I don’t know how he became as awesome as he is, but I’m so very grateful to say this cool little human is mine. I’m working on a special birthday gift for my little man. He’s really loving his iPod and is definitely his mother’s son when it comes to his love of music, so we’re probably going to be sending him something to go with that.

My self-care yesterday was a night out…sort of. My fiance and I headed over to spend time with Kristen and Seth, our favorite couple. Kristen and Seth had worked all day, and they all had to work again this morning, so it wasn’t a late and rowdy night by any means. We simply sat around chatting together. It was nice to be able to talk freely with those dear to us and just let go for a little bit. It was a great end to our long weekend.

How did you relax this weekend? Did you participate in any Veteran’s Day activities? Be sure to post your link in the comments so I can follow along!


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