Month of Postivity- Day 9


November 9, 2013

I know I missed Day 8. We spent yesterday visiting my future father-in-law and our visit ran later than expected. Which means when we got home I was too drained to try to form a sentence, let alone a whole blog post for you. I’m sorry for that.

Or we can just call that my self-care for yesterday. Which it was. I put my feet up, took my pain med and called it good. So there you go.

I’m thankful for the wonderful caregivers at my FIL’s facility.

Pops can be difficult sometimes. He’s older, set in his ways, and damn stubborn about it. He can also be sweet and funny when he wants to be. His battle with MS means each day is a toss up. Sometimes he needs more help than others. At his last facility, they weren’t always kind to him on the hard days.

This new facility? They’re not just nice to him, they seem to understand his quirks. He’s happy in his home for the first time since he became wheelchair bound two and a half years ago. I can’t fully explain how much that means to me, to us. Knowing his father is well cared for means one less worry for my fiance.

I think the next time we visit Pops, I’ll take some brownies or something for the staff. I worked in assisted living for a short time a number of years ago and I cared for Pops when he was first sick. I KNOW it’s not an easy job, and it’s often very thankless. It’s certainly not glamorous. I’d like them to know how much we appreciate how well they take care of my FIL.

I’m glad that we got to visit Pops yesterday and that he was having a good day, even if he was super chatty and made my head spin a few times. I’m super thankful my fiance and I have today to recover in the comfort and peace of our home.

How did you spend your Saturday? Don’t forget to leave your link in the comments so I can stop by and show you some love!


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