Month of Positivity- Day 7



November 7, 2013

I’m thankful for Joules.

I met Joules when we both were With The Band. We didn’t work on the same teams, though, so I didn’t really get to know her until I met her in person.

In fact, I met Joules for the first time at a late 30th birthday present to myself last year. The Bloggess was in Portland, and thanks to urging from Joules and Shevaun, I went to meet them and see an icon.

Joules, Shevaun, and I had dinner before the reading/book signing. It was the first time I had met either woman, though they had hung out many times before. Amazingly I didn’t feel like a third wheel. We all chatted like we had known each other for years. We laughed over pasta and smiled excitedly while we waited for Jenny to come to the podium. I knew instantly that these two women would always be special to my life.

Joules is funny and dynamic. She’s crazy smart but never talks down to you. She’s fierce and far stronger than she gives herself credit for being. She loves deep. She’d give you the shirt off her back if she thought it would help you. She can cook up some yummy treats and craft better than Martha. She makes me want to be a better person. She cares about our world and where it’s headed. She’s raising one of the coolest lil men I’ve ever seen.

I’m thankful that Joules has pledged to join me this month in looking for the light in our days. The holidays can be rough for some of us and Depression makes things harder, but Joules isn’t letting anything keep her down. Her comments each day make me smile, her posts make me happy in the pants. Because she is posting. She is finding the light in her days no matter how hard the darkness wants to hang around. She is fighting. And she will win.

I’m hoping to get to see Joules soon so I can give her a great big hug and some baked goodies. Maybe we’ll spend a day crafting and chatting. Maybe we’ll do something crazy. Whatever it is, I know it will be awesome.

Because Joules is awesome.

I’m still resting up and fighting through this flare. I’m hoping to sneak in a long, hot, bubble bath this weekend. And comfort food. I’ve been craving warm, soothing meals to match the stormy weather.

What are you doing to stay cozy this fall? Are you finding the happiness in life’s little moments? Don’t forget to comment so we can share the light!


3 thoughts on “Month of Positivity- Day 7

  1. I’ve yet to meet Joules in person (I hope to one day!), but I still think she is awesome.

    I hope y’all get to have a fun day together soon. And that there will be many pictures.

  2. This is just the nicest thing ever. Which isn’t surprising because you’re the nicest person ever. I couldn’t love you more. You’re a ray of sunshine with a wicked sense of humor, you’re a survivor who shares your hope and strength and you’re giver with a heart bigger than Texas. I’m loving being on this journey with you. Thanks for helping me fight this Depression mofo.

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