Month of Positivity- Day 5



November 5, 2013

Cabin fever is something I struggle with often. Being a home body is fine most days, but I need to get out every once in a while. Unfortunately it’s not always as easy as it would seem.

I’m thankful that my fiance understands my need to escape the four walls of our home on occasion. Last night he took me to wander around the craft store so I could stock up on some supplies for a few projects I’ve had in mind. I’m sure the craft store isn’t where he wants to spend his evenings after a long day at work, but he took me anyway.

I’m thankful for Kelly at my local Joann’s Fabric store. After waiting on hold for over 15 minutes with my local Walmart only to find out they couldn’t help me, Kelly was a breath of fresh air. She answered all my questions and informed me that her store would be able to accommodate my needs. I was sad to find out that it was her last day of work there and she was already gone by the time I made it to the store, so I wasn’t able to thank her in person for all her help. Good customer service is rare these days and I always try to let people know I appreciate them. I worked customer service for over a decade. It’s a pretty thankless job most days.

So I’m working on some fun Christmas gifts and holiday craft items as a form of showing my gratitude. There’s something extremely rewarding in sending love out into the world in the form of homemade gifts.

My self-care yesterday was more resting. I’m in the throes of a flare and the exhaustion monster has settled in for a visit. My little outing last night was also a form of self-care. It was a small thing but brought me a lot of joy. Not too shabby, all in all.

If you are blogging about gratitude and positivity with me, please share your link in the comments so I can stop by to see what you’ve been up to. Don’t forget to snag the graphic and link it back to here!


4 thoughts on “Month of Positivity- Day 5

  1. Jack and I get cabin fever often, too! Crafts make it better even if you can’t leave the house.

    Something you may want to check out (if it’s in your budget) – the craft company I sell stuff with has something called Paper Pumpkin. They send you a kit to make a craft project every month. It’s low impact stuff and so freaking cute – plus you can give it away as a gift or use it yourself (I’ve gotten three kits – two were card kits and the third was a notepad kit).

    Also you can probably find a demonstrator in your area and see if they have craft nights where you can make cards and such. They are usually not very expensive and they are typically cozier than at a store.

  2. Cabin fever is the worst. Sometimes after a long day of homeschool and life in the hotel room, I just want to get out to…ANYwhere! I love that your fiance took you to the craft store. He is such a keeper!

    I’ve had some crafty ideas hit lately (maybe it is the season) and I need to visit my craft store, too. Although, I hear they are better in Oregon! 😉

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