Month of Positivity- Day 2


November 2, 2013

Yesterday was another day of rest for me. I was even starting to worry about my exhaustion levels when I was still groggy by mid-afternoon. But then the wind started howling and the rain came pouring down and I realized that a storm front was causing my body to need a longer recovery time.

I’m grateful for my fiance and his patience with me.

It can’t be easy to love someone who is always ill. My moods can change almost as quickly as my symptoms flare up, yet he never leaves my side. Even when I’m annoyed with myself, his love never falters.

I was moody yesterday. I was feeling restless and frustrated by it. My mind was racing with things I wanted to do and my body could barely move from the couch. My fiance never lost patience with me, even though I know I was being difficult. He’s just awesome like that.

To thank him for being my rock, I’ve saved a few spoons to make homemade macaroni and cheese for our dinner tonight. It’s still storming here, so what better night for some comfort food?

Self-care yesterday was Taco Bell for dinner. I’ve been so good lately with my diet, watching what I put into my body to make sure I don’t trigger the IC to flare up. But honestly, I love me some junk food. So last night I gave in to the cravings and had something bad. It may not have been the best thing for my body, but it was good for my heart and mind.

I’ve loved reading all the things for which my friends are thankful. Are you joining us in this month of gratitude and postivity? Please share your link in the comments so we can show you some love!


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