Starting a Positive Month

I still can’t believe it’s already November 1st. Though the fog and crunchy leaves outside my door lay the perfect seen for a chilly fall day.

Today also marks the start of my Month of Positivity. Since I woke up sore from all the work that went into our Halloween party, I’m eager to begin these days of self-care and gratitude.

I’ve found that blogging diary style works best for this, at least for me. So each day I will blog about the day before. I will be including three things in each post:

1. Someone or something for which I am thankful.

2. An act of kindness to show my gratitude. It may be to the person I am thanking that day or it may be paying it forward to another person.

3. An act of self-care each day.

It’s important to me that we focus on being kind to ourselves at least as much as we are being kind to others. Beating ourselves up only adds to our struggles and it is so unhealthy. I think you’ll find that it gets easier as the month progresses.

Each post will also include a link-up at the bottom where you can enter the link to your blog so that we can all visit each other and spread support and encouragement.

I hope you all will join me, whether you blog about it or no. Spreading kindness can only beget more kindness. And who couldn’t use a few more smiles in their life?



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