Calling Bloggers For A Month Of Positivity!

November is right around the corner (Shh, I don’t know where the year went, either.) and with that comes a big event, if you’re a writer.


I’ve always wanted to complete NaNo, it’s on my bucket list along with learning to whistle. However, I am just not in a place to be able to devote to a deadline right now. I know, that sounds like a total cop-out, right? Well, it might be. Or it might be me being aware of my boundaries.

Last year I designated November as a Month of Positivity as my own way of devoting to writing each day. I wrote a post each day with three perimeters:

1. I wrote about someone or something for which I was thankful.

2. I told you about an act of kindness I would do to show my gratitude.

3. I practiced an act of self-care each day.

Because I loved it so much last year, I’ll be doing it again this year. There is something extremely beneficial to my overall well-being that happens when I take time out to focus on the good parts of my life. And forcing myself to remember to practice self-care each day meant that I was kinder to myself, which is something with which I still struggle.

What I’d really like to do this year, however, is to have other bloggers link up with me. I learned a lot about myself last year and felt better for it. I would love to have others to share the experience.

So I’m challenging you all to look at your calendars for November and devote a portion of your days to looking for the good in life and to taking care of you. Will you join me?


7 thoughts on “Calling Bloggers For A Month Of Positivity!

  1. For real, if you can’t whistle, you and Katarina should take some sort of whistling class together. I’ve tried and tried to teach her to no avail.

    I love love love this idea. And you.

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