My Focus On Healing

I’m not entirely sure where the time went, but it’s already the middle of October.

Some of you may remember that with Tracie‘s help, I chose to spend this year focusing on one word: Heal. While this year has provided many roller-coaster rides, I would still say that I am achieving my goal of healing both physically and emotionally.

Probably my biggest strides in healing happened when Cindy-Lou sparked a small idea within me that grew to be the Spoons 4 Spoonies project. I took the hurt I was still feeling and turned it into a way to share love. Though I will always miss Misty, knowing that she is still touching lives through me gives me a peace I didn’t think was possible.

I also owe huge kudos to Dawnie for her help on this path of healing. Her kind way of speaking the things I REALLY need to hear helped me to move forward from people that were still hurting me. Her gentle nudges gave me the push I needed to focus more on myself and my health. With her and Teala’s encouragement, I was able to drop around 30 pounds this year. For anyone battling chronic pain, this is a huge accomplishment. My illnesses limit what I’m able to do in terms of exercise and diet changes. But my lovely ladies helped me focus on what I CAN do and the weight melted off without my noticing. When I was weighed at the doctor a few weeks ago and saw that I was under the dreaded number for the first time since I became ill, I wanted to happy dance.

I’ve also made some strides in managing my illnesses this year. It might not seem like it, since I spent the better parts of August, September, and even October, in and out of the hospital and doctor’s offices. The difference is that I knew there was something not right and I didn’t rest until we found an answer for my symptoms. With a diagnosis, I’m now able to find the treatment that works best for me and move forward.

I’ve also taken a more active role in my health. I’ve learned that I have a say in how I manage my illnesses, and I’m making sure I am researching all options available. I’m trying new things and liking what I see. Yes, I still have achy joints. But I’m learning to focus on healthy ways to live with the aches.

All of these things have added up to better mental health. Yes, August and September were extremely stressful, but all in all, I am happier. Taking more control over my life and my health has helped to ease my stress and anxiety. Lower stress levels are also better for my overall health…who knew?

With November steadily approaching (Seriously! Where did this year go??), I’m looking forward to another Month of Positivity as well as the holidays. There’s a strong possibility that we’ll be spending some holiday time with my family, which I haven’t done since my fiance and I started dating. I’m nervous but also looking forward to making new memories to replace some of the unhappier ones.

I’m still focusing on healing, the year isn’t over quite yet. But I am feeling a little better each and every day…

1 thought on “My Focus On Healing

  1. What a lovely positive post. I envy your positivity and brilliant results that have finally come your way to really do feel pleased for you.

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