Is A Pink NFL The Answer?

What I’m about to say may upset some of you, and I’m sorry for that.

I’m so very tired of all the pink.

I’m tired of the NFL.

I’m tired of the commercialism of the pink items in the NFL. I’m tired of the fact that breast cancer is the only disease that the NFL chooses to recognize.

Before you get angry, please hear me out.

My family has been affected by breast cancer. One of my grandmothers battled breast cancer twice. And won. But those months of chemotherapy, radiation, the first mastectomy and then the second, they stuck with me.

So has my mother’s heart attack at 38. Losing another grandmother to diabetes and heart disease at 52. My cousin’s stroke…at 33. My own battles with invisible illnesses. Losing my dear friend at 40. My future father-in-law’s battle with MS. Losing most of my father’s family to ALS. One of my favorite kiddo’s battle with cancer.

Breast cancer is devastating. CANCER IS DEVASTATING. Illness is devastating.

Why is it that the NFL will allow pink to overtake EVERYTHING in October but they fail to also acknowledge that October is the month for domestic violence awareness? Why are players allowed to wear pink cleats, towels, wristbands, hats, socks, tape, etc. but they can’t wear green cleats FOR ONE GAME to bring awareness to their own battle without getting fined?

Many would say “Where do we draw the line?” If we allow this, then it will open the flood gates and soon players will be covered in ribbons for awareness.

I agree.

What I disagree with is that the NFL has effectively said that they will support breast cancer awareness and nothing else. By allowing this change to their uniform policy but no others, they are being discriminatory and hypocritical.

There needs to be a change. Do I know how to find a solution?


But I’m telling you, there are other ways to bring awareness and support breast cancer research than to bathe the world pink. And if we’re going to go pink in October, then we should bathe the Superbowl in red for heart disease awareness. Since the Superbowl is usually in February and that is the month for heart disease awareness.

And heart disease is, in fact, the number one killer of women.


**My fear is that there are some that will not hear ALL that I’m trying to say and will therefore condemn me for the small pieces of this post that are potentially “wrong.” I could let my fear dictate me and I could keep silent, but I’m trying to be more brave.


2 thoughts on “Is A Pink NFL The Answer?

  1. I think this view is actually gaining in popularity. I’m seeing it more and more. I don’t disagree with you at all. It might be selfish of me, but I am a little upset that there is so much awareness for breast cancer – and so much funding! – while childhood cancer is barely talked about and struggles a LOT with funding. It’s just not fair that the one who gets the MOST funding still gets the MOST attention. 😦

    1. There was a nod to Jack, in case you missed it 😉 And I’m with you. There are so many things that need more funding. I wish there was some way to ensure that it all could get equal exposure.

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