A Squirrel With Her Nuts

I’ve hesitated writing lately.

I’ve been dealing with a ton of medical stuff for the better part of the last two months. I still don’t have all the answers, we’re still waiting on a few more tests. And so I’ve been hesitant to write what’s on my mind, because it’s all so up in the air. I hope to have more information in the next week, hopefully I can share all my ups and downs then.

In the meantime, during a delightful conversation with some of my favorite ladies yesterday, I was reminded that I still have other things I can write about, things that are happening in my house right now, and that might be interesting to my readers.

I’m nesting.

Like a mother in her third trimester or a squirrel with his nuts, I’m nesting.

The other day I wrote about making Fall mine again. This is much along the same thread. Just like I adore Spring Cleaning, I love getting all settled in and stocked up for the Winter months.

Now if you know me well, you’re probably saying it’s all a product of my OCD, and you may be right. I rarely stop to question my quirks, it tends to make my mind spin. I have noticed, however, that my OCD has become more prominent as I battle RA. It doesn’t take a psychology degree to tell you that I’m exerting control because I feel like I’ve lost control of myself to my disease. But I digress.

My nesting is in full force and my lovely ladies thought my readers might like to know some of the ways I get my home ready for a cold winter with swollen and achy joints. I debated on making a lovely list or whether to dole out tips in separate blog posts.

Of course the list won out.

*I’m using my crockpot to make large batches of soups and other meals that I can freeze. This makes dinner tonight and for a later day when my spoons may be all gone. I promise to keep sharing those recipes here for those of you who would also like to stock your freezers.

*I’ve made sure that my comfiest jammies/sweats are pulled from storage and ready to go. My mittens and beanie cap are washed and ready to keep me warm. I’ve stocked up on fuzzy socks with no-skid bottoms.

*My throw blankets are out and ready to be employed. I have varying thicknesses to accommodate those days where my body can’t decide if it’s hot or cold.

*We’ve stocked up with tea, hot cocoa, and apple cider. These drinks help warm me up from the inside out, and holding a warm mug in both hands helps to soothe my swollen joints.  I personally love Celestial Seasons’ Sleepytime and Tension Tamer teas. They’ve always been favorites, but I’ve found that they now help on those nights that anxiety and pain keep me awake.

*I’ve noticed the brain fog is worse when I’m flaring…which happens more in the colder months. So I’ve stocked up on notepads and leave them at all my little tables. Writing things down is key to keeping myself sane on the days when I can’t remember why I’m standing in the middle of the room.

*Probably most importantly, I’ve scaled back my social calendar and my responsibilities as much as possible. I know this is hard for us spoonies, for a multitude of reasons, but the truth of it is, the more we’re in public, the higher our chances of catching that cold that’s going around. And we all know we have a harder time fighting off said cold. Also, my fatigue is worse in the colder months. So cutting back means I’m not setting myself and others up for disappointment when the day comes and I’m too tired to do something.

*I’ve also stocked up on movies, TV shows, craft projects, and other activities to keep me busy. More time indoors means a higher chance of my getting cabin fever. Having things to stave off boredom is important to my sanity.


I hope these things help you all to prep for Winter. They don’t have to be just for us spoonies, either. Prep work can make a hectic holiday season much more manageable.

What do you do to get ready for Winter?


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