Stream of Consciousness- House Divided

I grew up on football.

I watched it with my first step-dad and his family, and later I watched my beloved Cowboys with my father’s family. Dad’s family, we bleed blue and silver.

However, when it comes to college ball, I side with my mother’s side of the family. My sisters and I, we’re Ducks fans. As I’m sure it is in most states, Oregon has a bitter rivalry between our main state universities. Oregon vs Oregon State is the Civil War game each fall. And we Oregonians take that shit SERIOUSLY.

So imagine my dismay at the love of my life being a die-hard OSU Beavers fan?


This photo was taken when we had been together just a matter of months, on the day of our first Civil War. Our clasped hands and grins show then what is still true nearly four years later. We are a House Divided.

And would you believe it’s one of the only things we disagree on?


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