Because You Love Me

Chronic illness can have a HUGE impact on our relationships. Having that illness be mostly invisible can increase that impact. People want to see to believe, and there’s little chance of my being able to show you my joints in all their glory.

Today I’d like to give a shout out to the people who’ve made my life easier while I’ve been battling my illnesses. Often we focus on the ones who don’t understand, who hurt our feelings, or who negatively impact our lives. And while I’ve dealt with my fair share of that, I’m also blessed enough to have people in my life that don’t question me. They show support and care when I’m sick. And they deserve to know how much they’ve helped me.


So to all of you who love me, these are the ways you’ve made me smile:

Fuzzy socks and fleece robes.

Our talks.


Magazines and books.

Phone calls.

The back rubs.

Supporting and encouraging my crafts.

The funny pictures you send me. And the ones of panda bears 🙂

Sharing your battles with me. Knowing I’m not alone is huge.

Your texts.

When you tease me and treat me like nothing’s changed.

Grating the cheese.

All your lovely cards and letters.

When you make me feel beautiful.

Long emails about books.

My stuffed doggy.

Video chats.

Lotions and body scrubs and hand sanitizer.

Sharing music with me.

Picking up things so I don’t trip.

Helping with chores.

Special shampoo and conditioner.

When you sat my by side at the hospital.

Your prayers, good thoughts, vibes, etc.

Chocolates and treats.


Loaned movies.

Your visits.

Your support for Spoons 4 Spoonies.


This list is not everything, there’s not enough space for that. But I hope by reading it you realize just how much you mean to me. And that every single thing you do and say is appreciated more than I can say.

Thank you for making me feel loved. Especially when I didn’t feel very lovable.


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