I’m Truthful On Thursdays

Inspired by my gal Dawnie, I’m sharing some truths today.


*I fail at commenting on blogs from my phone so I just don’t comment. I know, I’m rude.

*I cannot get Inner Ninja by Classified out of my head. This is not a bad thing.

*I hate fewer things than having to redo a stitch project because halfway through I realize I’m not crazy about the font I chose.

*iTunes never fails to confuse me. Which is unfortunate since I love music and want more of it on my phone.

*I’m childish enough to sing along at the top of my lungs in order to piss off my upstairs neighbor. Hey, if I have to listen to her have sex, her stomping around, and her vacuuming at 4am, she can listen to my impression of Amy Winehouse.

*My hormones are in a mess right now because of ovarian cysts. This means I want all the comfort food and have been known to cry at random commercials. I may also be slightly moody. Possibly.

*I’m finding that I need to invest in a pair of bolt cutters so I can start making spoon jewelry. It’s for a great thing, don’t judge me.

*One of my adopted kiddos is sick right now and that hurts my heart.

*If I were independently wealthy, I would give presents to people I love all the time.

*I’m feeling like I need another outing to the craft store soon.


3 thoughts on “I’m Truthful On Thursdays

  1. From your description, I totally have ovarian cysts. And I can’t type anything from my phone. For some reason I want video of you calling around to all the local hardware stores, pricing bolt cutters.


    1. My fiancé suggested checking out a pawn shop. And now I’m scared I’m gonna get added to someone’s watch list. “Woman with cane purchased bolt cutters for ‘crafting.'”
      Y’all should start saving bail money.

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