Back From The Whirlwind

This summer has been more than a whirlwind in our household.

There’s been some great highs and some hard lows. The crazy weather played with my health and kept me feeling like I was just on the brink of a flare for longer than I would have liked. We had lovely visits with my kiddo and my parents, I pulled off a surprise party for my fiance’s birthday, and there was that nasty “bump on my head” incident.

All in all? I’m exhausted.

But I’m also ready to get back to the things that make up my routine.

For someone who used to consider herself very impulsive and spontaneous, I’ve come to rely on my routine. The occasional surprise or unexpected event is still welcome, but mostly I like knowing ahead of time what my days hold.

So I’m back to my writing and crafting. I’m making sure to take my daily nap and I’m still working on light yoga stretches. My couch and I have resumed our friendship and I’m using my crockpot to stock up on pre-made meals.

I’ve missed this, my predictable life. The ease of it keeps my anxiety at bay and allows me to focus on my well-being.

So how about you, my dear readers? How have your summers been?


3 thoughts on “Back From The Whirlwind

  1. Sweet Tia – My daughter for your readers who don’t know me is Misty (even in death she “is” not “was”). Summer has been hard but I know Misty would laugh & keep me going. It is after all TMC Summer of Stars which we watched and loved. I know we would watch the Royal Baby – after all we were on the phone & watched the Royal Wedding together at 4:00 in the morning. So Tia – I’m with you & Misty is as well. Crockpots are a great thing! Couches are as well! You are a Spoonie! Misty loved you – hang on to
    that thought!

  2. We’ve been off routine, too, so I’ve been just keeping my head down and conserving my energy. So far so good. We’ll see how things go once school starts again. EEP.

    I love a good routine!

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