Rollercoaster, I Want Off

If you’ve been following along on the Tweeter machine, you’ll know it’s been a week of ups and downs at my house.

Monday I got a visit from the lovely Shevaun, her adorable middle daughter, and her brand new baby. I always love visiting with Shevaun. Time with her and her kiddos is such a treat, I wish I could do it more often. Baby Vincent is a delight! He made little faces at me and let me hold his tiny little self for a bit before needing his mama back. I’m so blessed and am still smiling thinking of our afternoon together.

Tuesday I had to go in and be fitted with a holster heart monitor. See, last week when I saw the doc to follow up after my concussion, he was concerned with what caused me to fall in the first place. Likely it was a wicked panic attack and he did give me a prescription for some happy pills to help for those big freak out moments. However, there’s a slight possibility that an irregular heart beat caused some sort of black out. He wanted me to do the 24 hour test to be sure.

I joked on Twitter about having a tentacle-challenged robo kraken on my chest. I tried to laugh through the worry and discomfort. I curled up on my couch and played mindless games on my phone while watching trashy daytime TV. When my better half got home, we ran a few errands and then I headed to bed.

Word to the wise: Sleeping with wires all over your chest is not really a possibility.

After a restless night I headed back to the doc to return the device. Minutes after I got back home, my nurse called to inform me that the machine had malfunctioned. Somehow it had only recorded 48 minutes of my 24 hours.

As you might imagine, Wednesday was spent worrying about having to repeat the test. I was running on less than five hours of sleep, hurting, and grouchy. So when the noisy neighbors started up again outside my window, I kinda lost my shit. The anxiety and stress became so much that I had to break down and take a happy pill. Thank goodness for friends like Cindy and Dawnie who chatted with me and offered help to keep me sane.

Yesterday was greeted with a flare up of tummy issues, more medication, and more calls with my nurse. I spent yet another day curled up on my couch with the TV. Fortunately there was a marathon of 80’s movies, so I was doing okay.

With such a roller coaster week, I’m a bit worn out today. I have a few projects on my table that need some attention, but other than that, I’m in rest mode. I do have plans to go out and see my fiance play tonight. Because you need to have some light to balance things out.

As always, I thank you all for your patience with me. I hope to have a few surprises next week, so hopefully you’ll stick around!


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