A Glimmer Of Light

She lay against the cobblestone in the garden, her silent tears dripping down to mix with the dirt in a rivulet of despair. Once again she’d let her guard down. She’d gotten caught up in the party atmosphere and relaxed the walls she kept so rigid around her battered heart. Like the predator he was, he saw that glimmer of hope in her eyes.

And he pounced, mocking her until she ran out the door sobbing.

In the distance, the warning bell for the last ferry rang out. It resonated within her, each chime ringing through her heart. She slowly rose up and started walking. Her steps quickened with each heartbeat until she was running, sprinting toward the lights of the dock. As she stepped aboard the ferry, for the first time in a very long time, that candle in her heart sparked a new flame.

With the warm river air brushing her hair away from her face, she closed her eyes to see the light that was her future.




6 thoughts on “A Glimmer Of Light

  1. I love the setting for this piece. I didn’t realize until I was reading yours that what a lot of people forget to do is to ground us in a very real scene. You’ve succeeded there. Thanks for linking up. Don’t forget to come back and vote.

  2. Hopes dashed on the cobblestones–a great beginning. Predators do know how to pick out the vulnerable, hurt, but hopeful ones, don’t they?

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